A Bright Light

“Shammy Rock!” exclaimed ten year old Andrew. “It is so nice to see you.”

“Oh Andrew!” shouted Shammy Rock. “I am so happy you are here. I haven’t seen you in a few days.”

A few days ago it was St. Patrick’s Day. Andrew was out in a field looking for four-leaf clovers. Just as he was going to pick one, a bright light flew across the horizon from a meteorite. The four-leaf clover came to life.

“I have had good luck since St. Patrick’s Day,” said Andrew.

“Well you do have a four-leaf clover for a friend,” said Shammy Rock. “Remember the night I came to life. Remember that bright light.”

“Oh I definitely remember that,” said Andrew.

“That bright light lit up the whole sky,” said Shammy Rock. “It was so bright.”

“It was,” said Andrew.

Shammy Rock and Andrew continued talking. Actually, it was Shammy Rock that did all the talking. Andrew listened as Shammy Rock talked and talked about the bright light.

“It is getting dark,” said Andrew, taking his flashlight out of his pocket and turning it on.

“What is that?” asked Shammy Rock, staring at the bright light from the flashlight. “That is go cool! It is almost like the light from the meteorite.”

“Yes,” said Andrew, handing the flashlight to Shammy Rock. “That is true. Why don’t I give this to you?”

Andrew gave the flashlight to Shammy Rock. Shammy Rock loved it.


Moral of this Story:

  • Life can be simple for some.
  • Example: All Shammy Rock talks about is the bright light from the meteorite that brought him to life.

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