Shammy Rock

On a bright starry St. Patrick’s Day evening, ten year old Andrew was outside trying to find a four-leaf clover. He wasn’t having any luck. All he was finding were three-leaf clovers.

“I give up,” said Andrew. “Four-leaf clovers are very hard to find.”

As Andrew stood up to go into the house, he spotted a four-leaf clover at the edge of the field. He started walking toward it.

“I will be the only kid in my class with a four-leaf clover,” said Andrew, excitedly. “I may just be the only kid in Quebec City with one. Oh, I am so lucky!”

Andrew reached the spot where the four-leaf clover was. He bent down to pick it and all of a sudden he saw a streak of white light fly through the horizon.

“I am pretty sure that was a meteorite,” said Andrew, not believing his luck. “First, I find a four-leaf clover and now I see a meteorite! This is definitely my lucky day!”

“Did you see that bright light?” Andrew heard a voice say.

Andrew looked down and saw that the four-leaf clover he was going to pick was walking and talking.

“What is going on?” asked Andrew. “Why are you walking and talking?”

“My name is Shammy Rock,” said the four-leaf clover. “I think that bright light created me. All I remember is that bright light across the sky and then I was able to walk and talk.”

“It does make sense,” said Andrew. “This sure has been a strange but very lucky St. Patrick’s Day.”

“St. Patrick’s Day! “exclaimed Shammy Rock, taking the green hat from his head, grabbing Andrew by the hand and dancing a jig. “Oh what a wonderful day to be alive! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • A meteorite is quite the sight to see.
  • Example: Shammy Rock came to life because of the bright light from a meteorite.

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