Pot of Gold Rainbow

Sprinkles was sitting in her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror. She loved looking at her hair. Sprinkles didn’t have regular hair, she had a rare condition in which her hair was made of sprinkles, the colourful candy sprinkles that are used for decorating cookies or cakes.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sprinkles, glancing at the calendar. “Today is St. Patrick’s Day.”

Sprinkles loved St. Patrick’s Day. She was from an Irish family. She always loved the celebrations that her family had. Her best friend, Chelsea, was also Irish so it was fun for the two friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day together.

“Hi Sprinkles,” said Chelsea, coming into Sprinkles’ bedroom. “I just saw a rainbow.”

“We have to find the end of it,” said Sprinkles. “Today is St. Patrick’s Day and it is very lucky to find a pot of gold on St. Patrick’s Day.”

“Yes,” said Chelsea. “Let’s go find the end of the rainbow.”

Sprinkles and Chelsea were very excited. They saw the rainbow. It was above an empty field. They walked through the field to the end of the rainbow. There, in the tall grass, at then end of the rainbow, was a rock.

“A rock!” exclaimed Sprinkles, disappointed. “What good is that?”

Sprinkles and Chelsea looked all over that area. There was no pot of gold to be found.

“I am so disappointed,” said Sprinkles.

“I am…,” said Chelsea, who then looked at Sprinkles closely. “I think I just found our pot of gold.”

Chelsea reached over and grabbed a handful of sprinkles out of Sprinkles’ hair and showed them to her.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sprinkles, looking at the handful of gold sprinkles. “My hair turned into gold sprinkles.”

“Your hair is our pot of gold,” laughed Chelsea, eating some of the gold sprinkles.

“It is,” said Sprinkles, eating a handful of them as well. “And, they taste so good too!”

“They certainly do,” said Chelsea.

Sprinkles and Chelsea had the best St. Patrick’s Day ever. They also had the best of luck that whole day as well.

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