Star Bright

“Look Fawn,” said Spot, pointing towards the sky. “There isn’t a single star in the sky tonight.”

“I see that,” said Fawn. “Hey Spot, what’s that big cloud in the sky?”

“What big cloud?” asked Spot, straining her neck to see what her friend was pointing at.

“That’s not a cloud!” exclaimed Fawn. “Oh my! The Hansen house is on fire!”

“Okay Fawn,” said Spot. “Don’t panic. Here is what we have to do. You go up to the house and see if everyone is alright. I’m going to phone the fire department and then I’ll be right up!”

Fawn hurried up to the house as fast as his four legs would carry him. Fawn did not see anyone standing outside of the house.

“Oh dear!” cried Fawn. “They are still in the house!”

Thinking quickly, he saw some metal barrels standing beside the house. Fawn knocked them flying, making as much noise with them as he could.

“FIRE!” Fawn screamed at the top of his lungs. “FIRE!”

“What is all the racket about out there Fawn?” asked Mr. Hansen, opening up the bedroom window.

“The house is on fire!” yelled Fawn.

Quickly, Mr. Hansen woke up Mrs. Hansen and the three children. They all met Fawn on the front lawn within minutes.

“The fire trucks are coming!” exclaimed Spot, running up toward the house.

Within minutes, the fire trucks pulled up and soon the fire was out. It was a small grease fire in the kitchen and there was not much damage.

“Good work, cows,” the fire marshal said, patting both Fawn and Spot on the head. “Without you two the fire would have been much worse. I’m going to recommend you for a medal of bravery.

“Wow!” said Fawn. “A medal of bravery!”

“Talking cows!” exclaimed the fire marshal, shaking his head. “I must have inhaled too much smoke!”

Fawn and Spot both received a medal of bravery and both wore it proudly around their necks.

“Look Fawn,” said Spot, pointing out the window a few nights later. “The sky is full of stars, nice and bright!”

“Oh that is beautiful!” said Fawn. “Way better than a burning dark cloud!”

“Yes,” said Spot. “Way better!”

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