The Martians

“What a neat place to have landed our spaceship!” exclaimed Sammy Martian.

“Yes,” said Tammy Martian. “It is beautiful!”

Sammy and Tammy Martian are from the planet Mars. They were sent by their father, Lammy Martian, to see if they could find intelligent life on Earth. Lammy is the king of Mars.

“Earth has mountains!” exclaimed Sammy, looking toward the western horizon.

“Yes,” said Tammy. “And, they are very beautiful!”

“We can’t waste anytime,” said Sammy. “We have to start our quest.”

“Yes,” said Tammy. “We don’t want to disappoint Daddy.”

Sammy and Tammy hid their spaceship by throwing some leaves and old branches over top of it. Then, they started on their quest.

Soon, Sammy and Tammy came across the path of a cat chasing a mouse.

“Is that intelligent life?” Tammy asked Sammy.

“No likely,” said Sammy. “It doesn’t seem to be very intelligent at all. Imagine trying to chase a poor little creature like that!”

“I guess you are right!” said Tammy. “Let’s keep going.”

Soon, Sammy and Tammy came across a farmers field.

“Look,” said Tammy, pointing to two cows, standing in the middle of the field, chewing grass. “Is that intelligent life?”

“Not likely,” said Sammy. “Why would they eat grass anyway? Have these earthlings not heard of fast food?”

“I guess you are right,” said Tammy.

Sammy and Tammy continued on their way.

Soon, they came across a farmer, digging a small flower garden by the corner of his house.

“Look,” said Tammy, pointing to the farmer. “Is that intelligent life?”

“Maybe,” said Sammy.

Sammy and Tammy stopped and watched the farmer.

“I don’t know,” said Sammy, after a few minutes. “This could be it.”

Sammy and Tammy got closer to the house. A bright flash of light, coming from the kitchen window caught Sammy’s eye. He took a closer look.

“Now, that’s intelligent life,” said Sammy, pointing to a computer sitting on a desk.

Sammy and Tammy zapped the computer with their instant zapper and within minutes, were on their way back to their spaceship.

“Excellent!” their father, Lammy exclaimed, when they got back to Mars. “Good work!”

Just then the icon for new email popped up on the screen of the computer.

“How intelligent!” exclaimed Lammy. “This life form even gives you instant messages!”

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