A Baby Brother for Amy

“Amy dear,” said Mother to her four year old daughter, who was busy playing in the living room. “Come out to the kitchen for a minute.”

“Okay Mommy,” said Amy.

Amy put her toys down and went into the kitchen where her mother and father were both sitting.

“Here sweetheart,” said Daddy, patting his lap. “Come sit here with me.”

“Okay,” said Amy, crawling up onto her father’s lap.

“Amy,” started Mother.

“Let me,” said Daddy. “Amy, do you remember how you always told us that you wanted a baby brother or baby sister?”

“Yeah Daddy, I still do want one,” said Amy.

“Well, it looks like that’s exactly what you are going to get!” exclaimed Daddy happily.

“Really,” said Amy. “Mommy is going to have a baby!”

“Yes dear,” said Mommy, smiling. “We are going to have a baby!”

“Oh, I can’t wait for my brother to come,” said Amy.

“Well, it might not be a boy,” said Daddy. “It might be a girl.”

“So, I might have a baby sister,” said Amy. “I’d rather have a baby brother!”

“Well dear,” said Mommy. “Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, really doesn’t matter. We just want the baby to be healthy.”

“Okay,” said Amy.

“So now, you have to be a big girl for Mommy,” said Daddy. “Mommy is going to need your help with the baby.”

“Sure,” said Amy. “I can help Mommy.”

Over the next few months, Amy grew very anxious to see the new baby.

“When is the baby going to come?” Amy asked Daddy, one morning, while Mommy was still sleeping.

“Soon, dear, very soon,” said Daddy. “I’m getting anxious too! I can’t wait!”

“You won’t have to wait very much longer,” said Mommy, coming into the kitchen. “It’s time!”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Daddy. “Amy, please go and get Mommy’s suitcase from the bedroom, while I go get the car.”

Amy did as she was told. Soon, Amy and her parents were at the hospital. There was a playroom that Amy stayed in while she was waiting. About an hour later, Amy fell asleep on the playroom floor.

“Amy, wake up dear,” said Daddy, lightly tapping Amy on the shoulder.

Daddy picked Amy up in his arms and carried her into the room her mother was in. There, in her mother’s arms, laid a beautiful little boy.

“Hello brother,” said Amy, smiling. “I’m your big sister, Amy.”

The baby looked into Amy’s eyes and smiled and giggled.

“Look at that!” said Mommy. “He loves you already.”

“You think so,” said Amy.

“We know so,” said Daddy, proudly.

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