It Works Now

What an adventure I have for you this time! I went to Jones’ Computer Repair Shop, where Mr. Jones showed me how he fixes computers.

Mr. Jones is an older man with grown children. His wife passed away a few years earlier. He loved people and he loved computers too, so he decided to put his two passions together.

“Well, if it isn’t my good friend, Travelin’ Rick,” greeted Mr. Jones, when I walked into his store. “How have you been doing?”

“Just fine,” I replied. “And, I see you have been keeping very busy.”

I noticed the shelves full of old computers, waiting to be fixed.

“Yes,” said Mr. Jones, noticing what I was looking at. “It’s been very busy.”

“I have a problem with my computer,” I said. “The computer locks up on me.”

“I see,” said Mr. Jones. “I can fix that in a jiffy.”

“Hi Sam!” said one of Mr. Jones’ customers, coming into the shop. “How is my computer coming?”

“It’s all fixed now, Mabel,” said Mr. Jones.

“What was the problem with it?” asked Mabel.

“You had a virus on it,” said Mr. Jones.

“A virus,” said Mabel. “Imagine that! I just got over the cold myself.”

“Not that kind of virus,” laughed Mr. Jones. “A computer virus is a computer program that causes havoc.”

“Oh,” said Mabel, blushing.

“I’ve got it all fixed up now,” said Mr. Jones.

Mabel paid Mr. Jones for the work that he had done and bought a virus detection software program. I helped Mabel carry her computer out to her car.

“Well, Sam,” another customer said, bringing his computer into the shop and setting it down on the work table. “This baby needs a new hard-drive.”

“No problem, Frank,” said Mr. Jones. “I’ve got some nice ones in stock. What size are you looking for?”

“500 gigs would be great,” said Frank.

Mr. Jones pulled a 500 gig hard-drive off the shelf and within an hour, had it installed with the latest operating system on it.”

“Great,” said Frank, paying his bill. “Thank you.”

“Well Sam,” said another customer, Steve, walking into the store. “How is my daughters computer?”

“It’s all fixed now,” said Mr. Jones. “It needed a new video card.”

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Steve, paying his bill. “Thanks Sam!”

Mr. Jones was busy like that for the rest of the day. I even got to help him install a hard drive and a network card. It was lots of fun!

“You just bring your computer over anytime,” said Mr. Jones, as I was leaving the shop. “I’ll fix it for you, no charge!”

“Why thanks,” I said. “That would be great!”

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