Troll Family Go On Vacation

“Mother Troll!” exclaimed Sister Troll, who was sitting in the hallway taking her winter boots off. “I’m so cold! When is spring going to be here?”

Sister Troll and Brother Troll had just come home from school. It was a blistering cold day.

“Sooner than you think, my Troll Dears, sooner than you think,” said Mother Troll, tucking a magazine behind her back, and smiling from ear to ear.

“What do you have there?” asked Brother Troll, being one not to miss anything.

“None of your business,” said Mother Troll. “It’s a surprise!”

“Oh, that figures,” said Brother Troll. “Why are we always the last to know about surprises around here?”

“Because,” said Mother Troll. “When you do find out about this surprise, you will be so happy!”

“Happy isn’t the word for this surprise,” said Daddy Troll, coming into the hallway.

“Daddy Troll,” said Sister Troll. “You are home from work early today!”

“Not really,” said Daddy Troll. “I’m on vacation!”

“Vacation!” said Brother Troll. “How could you be on vacation when you are standing right here in our house? Once Bobby Troll’s parents went on vacation and they went far, far away!”

“Well,” said Daddy Troll. “This time tomorrow, all of us are going to far, far away!”

“Far, far away!” clapped Baby Troll, walking up behind Daddy Troll.

“What is going on here?” asked Sister Troll.

“We are going on vacation,” announced Mother Troll, happily. “We are going to Florida tomorrow morning!”

“We are!” exclaimed Brother Troll and Sister Troll, happily.

“Wait!” exclaimed Sister Troll. “What about school?”

“Now you had to go and mention that didn’t you,” said Brother Troll angrily. “Now we aren’t going to be able to go on vacation.”

“I’ve already talked to your teachers,” said Mother Troll. “You two have done so good in school this year that they don’t have any problems with you going away.”

“Oh boy!” exclaimed Brother Troll! “This is great!”

The Troll family were very excited about going on vacation to Florida. They didn’t sleep a wink all night. The next morning everyone was tired but excited. They couldn’t wait to start their vacation.

It took the Troll family about two days of driving to get to Florida. They had rented a mini-van for their trip.

“When are we going to be there?” asked Brother Troll. “I want to see some palm trees!”

“Palm trees, palm trees,” said Baby Troll excitedly, pointing out the window.

“We are here!” exclaimed Brother Troll, happily.

“Oh look at the orange groves!” exclaimed Sister Troll, excitedly. “And, look at the orange juice stands!”

“Juice!” cried Baby Troll. “I want juice!”

“Me too!” exclaimed Daddy Troll, who was hot and thirsty from driving.

The Troll family pulled over to the side of the highway and drank fresh squeezed orange juice until their thirst was satisfied.

“That was good!” exclaimed Mother Troll.

A few hours later, the Troll family stopped at their hotel in Daytona, Florida. It was a wonderful hotel with a swimming pool, tennis court and a miniature golf course.

The Troll family had a great vacation but soon it was over.

“Wow!” said Brother Troll, getting into the van for their drive home. “That was fun!”

“Yes it was!” exclaimed Sister Troll. “I especially loved the white sand beaches!”

“Me too!” said Mother Troll, holding up a small jar that she had filled with seashells and white sand.

“Now we can take a piece of Florida home with us,” said Brother Troll, laughing.

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