No Smoking Concert

“Billy, Billy!” exclaimed Dianne Troll, running up the steps to her friends house.

“What is it?” asked Billy, rushing to the front door.

“Look!” exclaimed Dianne excitedly, handing Billy a bright yellow flyer. “The Jagged Trolls are playing here in Troll Town next weekend.”

“Oh, Dianne,” said Billy. “You know how I feel about the Jagged Trolls. They are trouble.”

“Well, I must tell you, I heard my friend, Connie Troll talking to the Jagged Trolls,” said Dianne. “They’ve changed!”

“The Jagged Trolls change,” laughed Billy. “I’ve got to see this.”

“So, you’re coming,” said Dianne.

“Count me in,” said Billy.

Billy went back into the house and started eating his dinner, when there was a knock at the door. To his surprise, it was Mick Troll, the leader of the Jagged Trolls.

“What’s up Mick?” asked Billy.

“Look Billy,” said Mick. “I need some advice.”

“Come on Mick,” said Billy, not believing what he just heard. “You need advice from me! Come on.”

“Yes, I do,” said Mick. “Billy, I’ve changed since the last time I saw you. The only problem is that nobody seems to believe me. I want to change my image, and I need your help.”

“Why the sudden need to change?” asked Billy.

“Well, I’m getting married,” said Mick. “And, I’m going to be a father.”

“Oh!” said Billy seriously. “I can see why you’d want to change. Raising a child is serious stuff.”

“I know,” said Mick. “I don’t want my kid growing up like me. I want him to respect me.”

“Okay, Mick,” said Billy. “You want to change. Here is what you do. First of all, you’ve got to change the type of music you play. Second, get rid of the long hair and groovy clothes and third, quit smoking.”

“Those are tough choices,” said Mick.

“They aren’t choices,” said Billy. “That is what you have to do to change your image.”

“How can I quit smoking?” asked Mick. “Especially when most of my fans smoke.”

“That’s your problem,” said Billy. “Most of your fans are only about 14 years old. They smoke because you do.”

“You mean I’m to blame for them smoking,” said Mick.

“Yes, in a way, you are,” said Billy. “Those kids look up to you.”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Mick. “What have I done to those poor kids? That’s it. From now on, the Jagged Trolls will be smoke-free.”

“I’d make your concerts smoke-free, too,” said Billy.

“What a great idea!” exclaimed Mick. “Thanks Billy.”

“You are welcome,” said Billy.

“Here,” said Mick. “Here are two tickets to our next concert. I should say first smoke-free concert.”

“Thanks,” said Billy.

Mick left and Billy never seen him again until the night of the concert.

The night of the concert rolled around and Billy was impressed by what he saw. All through the concert hall were no smoking signs. Mick, himself had quit smoking as well as the other members of the Jagged Trolls. Everyone was clean-cut with bright coloured t-shirts and clean denim blue-jeans. Even their music has mellowed to a more soft rock style.

“I’d like to say a special thank-you to a very good friend of mine,” said Mick at the end of the concert.

“Billy Troll, thanks for the advice!”

“Billy!” exclaimed Dianne confused, after the concert. “What did Mick mean by that?”

Billy told Dianne about Mick’s visit.

“Billy,” said Dianne, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “You are amazing!”

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