Forgetful Fred

Summer Beach House

It was a rather warm summer day. Forgetful Fred was sitting outside on his front porch. He was thinking of something fun that him and Sarah, his wife, could do on their summer vacation. “Why don’t we rent a beach house?” Forgetful Fred thought to himself. “That would be so much fun!” Forgetful Fred was […]

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Summer Vacation with Puddles

Puddles wants to go on a summer vacation and he wants to know if you would like to come with him. He wants to go to the mountains in British Columbia, Canada. One morning, bright and early, Puddles and his friend, Patricia, are all packed and ready to go. They have brought a tent, sleeping […]

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Troll Family Go On Vacation

“Mother Troll!” exclaimed Sister Troll, who was sitting in the hallway taking her winter boots off. “I’m so cold! When is spring going to be here?” Sister Troll and Brother Troll had just come home from school. It was a blistering cold day. “Sooner than you think, my Troll Dears, sooner than you think,” said […]

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