Fawn’s Best Christmas

“Fawn, I have bad news for you,” said Spot.
“What’s the bad news?” asked Fawn. “Did Santa’s sleigh blow up?”
“Fawn, you are so bad,” said Spot, angrily. “No, Santa’s sleigh didn’t blow up!”
“Did Rudolph get the flu?” asked Fawn.
“Oh, you are impossible,” said Spot. “Nanny and Grampy won’t be able to make it this Christmas. Nanny is in the hospital. She is really sick.”
Fawn’s face went as white as a ghost. Fawn loved Nanny and Grampy very much.
“Oh my!” exclaimed Fawn, with a tear forming in the corner of his eye. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, Jenny just told me,” said Spot. “Grampy was just here.”
“This is serious,” said Fawn. “Grampy always comes down here to see me.”
“It is serious,” said Spot. “Nanny might not make it.”
“Oh no,” cried Fawn. “She has to make it. Nanny is the only one that gets me a Christmas present each year.”
Fawn was very upset at the news of Nanny’s illness. When Jenny and Ricky Hansen came down to the barn to feed him, Fawn didn’t eat.
“What can we do for Nanny?” asked Fawn later that evening.
“I think all we can do is pray for her,” said Spot.
That night before Fawn went to bed, he kneeled beside his stall and said a special prayer for Nanny.
“All I want for Christmas is for Nanny to get better,” prayed Fawn. “I would trade all my Christmas presents in, just to have Nanny here for Christmas.”
The next day, Grampy stopped by the farm again. This time he stopped in to see Fawn and Spot.
“How is Nanny doing?” asked Fawn, right away.
“It’s amazing,” said Grampy. “Yesterday, we didn’t think she was going to make it and now today, the doctors think she is going to be alright. She is even going to be able to come home for Christmas.”
“Merry Christmas!” shouted Fawn with joy. “My Christmas present has just arrived.”

“Mine too, Fawn,” said Grampy, with a tears of joy running down his cheeks. “Merry Christmas!”

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