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‘Walking along the street, Angela found her way to the playground. She could see several children playing on the swings and other playground equipment. Angela could see the smiles on their faces and she could hear the happy sound of laughter emulating from them.’

This is an excerpt from Angela’s Adventure which is one of more than 300 children’s stories authored by former Lindsay resident Debbie Williamson.

She posts the short stories on her website called Bed Tyme Tales and has already won five prestigious Internet awards for her work.

Born in Toronto, Ms Williamson moved to Lindsay with her parents when she was 10. She attended Queen Victoria Public School, Central Senior School and LCVI.

But now she lives with her family in Oshawa and during her daily commute to Toronto she writes.

“I write my stories on the GO Train going to work,” said the full-time computer specialist.

Over the years she’s written stories about a wide-range of topics relating to kids. Stories about games of hide-and-go-seek and lost treasure have grabbed the attention of readers both young and old.

And her beginnings as a children’s author had a humble start.

“We didn’t have a lot of money so I started writing my own stories to tell my kids,” said Ms. Williamson, 40. “And it’s worked out good for me.”

Her first story was about two characters called Racum and Bear. She developed the characters by watching and listening to her children.

“I picked up things my kids said or did and started writing them down,” said Ms Williamson. “Quite a few of my stories are about them.”

But today her kids are grown and her ideas for stories come to her when she sits down to write.

“Ideas come while watching people on the GO Train and listening to what people say,” added Ms Williamson. “I don’t know how they will come out until I write them.”

And her technique has been successful.

Since she’s been on the Net almost 7,000 people have visited her site which has been recognized by a number of Internet agencies.

She’s won the Canadian Web Award for a very good webpage, an award from for a great kids’ site, the Aloha Award from Hawaii for an excellent site, the Golden Web Award for creativity, integrity and excellence on the Internet and the Light Span Study Web Award.

“It makes me feel great,” said Ms Williamson. “I wasn’t in it to get any recognition and it’s totally awesome. And it makes me feel really great that I can do something for children where they have something good to go to on the Net.”

Twice a week her stories also appear in the EMC Record News newspaper, based out of Smith Falls.

The paper has published her work for seven years and despite the experience she’s getting in the print market, she wants to stick with the Internet.

“I’m not going to publish books. I like the Internet better and I’m going to publish (electronic) books,” added Ms Williamson.

But whatever the future holds for Ms Williamson, her mother will always be proud of her accomplishments so far.

Maryanne Williamson lives in Lindsay and said she’s read all of her daughter’s stories with her favorite being one about a police officer.

“I like them, they are quite touching and my husband really likes them too,” she said.

Mrs. Williamson added her daughter started writing at a young age while in Lindsay and she said some of the morals she now reads in her stories came from her.

“Some of the morals I instilled in her when she was young,” said Mrs. Williamson.

Ms Williamson’s stories can be read on the Internet for free. Check them out with your children at,

Lance Anderson/This Week

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