Troll Family’s Christmas Fun

“Let’s go,” said Troll Daddy.

Troll Mother bundled up Troll Baby in a big warm blanket and then laid him down onto the sled Troll Daddy was holding onto.

“Come on Troll Brother,” called Troll Sister, coming outside. “We want to help Troll Daddy pick out our Christmas Tree.”

“I can’t find my mitten,” said Troll Brother from the side door.

“Look in your pocket,” said Troll Mother.

Troll Brother put his hands into his pocket and smiled as he pulled out his mitten.

Troll Daddy pulled the sled, with Troll Baby on it, through the deep snow, clearing a pathway for Troll Mother, Troll Sister and Troll Brother.

“Fun,” said Troll Baby, laughing and giggling.

“Yes,” said Troll Mother. “Lots of fun.”

A few moments later, Troll Daddy stopped the sled abruptly.

“Troll Daddy!” exclaimed Troll Brother, who almost tripped over the sled.

“Shhh!” whispered Troll Daddy, pointing to a clearing up ahead.

There, in the snow covered field, stood a Troll Deer and her Troll Fawn.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “What a beautiful sight!”

“Aren’t they just magnificent?” asked Troll Daddy.

“They sure are,” said Troll Sister, in awe.

“Pretty!” screamed Troll Baby, happily pointing to the Troll Deer and Troll Fawn.

It wasn’t long before the Troll Deer and the Troll Fawn darted out of the field and into the forest.

“Well,” said Troll Mother, laughing. “It was nice while it lasted.”

“Yes,” said Troll Daddy. “It sure was. Now let’s get our Christmas tree.”

“Look,” said Troll Mother, pointing ahead.

“What?” asked Troll Brother. “What are you looking at? All I see are trees.”

“Oh,” said Troll Daddy, looking to where Troll Mother was pointing. “Troll Mother is looking at our Christmas tree.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Troll Brother. “That is a nice one!”

“Oh look!” exclaimed Troll Sister as the Troll Family got closer to the tree. “There’s a red bird in our tree.”

“That is a Troll Cardinal,” said Troll Mother.

“It is pretty,” said Troll Sister. “Maybe we shouldn’t take this tree. Maybe the Troll Cardinal has a nest in that tree.”

“Yes,” said Troll Daddy. “Maybe we shouldn’t.”

Troll Mother pointed to the tree beside them. It was even nicer than the first tree.”

“This tree will be our best tree ever,” said Troll Daddy.

The Troll Family took their tree home with them and decorated it. They had the best tree in Troll Town.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be mindful of wildlife when picking out your Christmas tree.
  • Example: The Troll Family thought they found the perfect Christmas tree until they saw a cardinal sitting in it. They opted for the tree next to it because they didn’t want to disturb the cardinal.

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