Fawn and Spot were in their barn one cold, damp autumn day.

“I am so cold,” said Fawn, shivering. ”Why is it so cold outside?”

”It’s been raining for days now,” said Spot. “I wish the sun would come out.”

”Yes,” agreed Fawn. ”That is what we need.”

A few minutes later Fawn and Spot could hear laughter coming from outside. They both looked out the barn window and could see Ricky and Jenny Hansen playing. Then Fawn noticed something in the sky.

“Look,” said Fawn, pointing out the window. ”The sun is out!”

Fawn ran for the barn door as quickly as he could go. Spot was right behind him.

”Look,” said Jenny, when she saw Fawn and Spot come outside. ”Fawn and Spot are outside too!”

”Hi Fawn!” exclaimed Jenny, running around the yard, chasing Ricky. “Hi Spot!”

”Hi Jenny,” said Spot.

”Hi Jenny,” said Fawn. ”Looks like you and Ricky are playing tag. Can I play, too?”

“Sure,” said Jenny. ”You can be it.”

”Can I play too?” asked Spot.

”Sure,” said Jenny.

Fawn and Spot played outside all afternoon with Ricky and Jenny. They were all enjoying the warm sunshine very much!


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to get outdoors when the weather is nice because we don’t know how long it will last.
  • Example: Fawn and Spot saw the sun was out so they went outside to play.

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