Billy Troll’s Guitar

“Billy,” said Dianne, one morning at the breakfast table. ”Do you want to come to the Troll Town Mall with me? I have a few errands that I have to run.”

”I don’t know,” said Billy. ”I’m kind of depressed today.”

“Yes dear,” said Dianne sorrowfully. ”I’m sure your guitar will show up soon.”

Billy had his favourite guitar stolen from him, right after a recent concert. He was quite upset about it because, not only was the guitar worth a lot of money, but Dianne had given Billy that guitar for a birthday present. It was also the best sounding guitar that Billy had ever owned.

“I sure hope so,” said Billy. ”I really miss it.”

”Well Billy,” said Dianne. ”There weren’t too many of those guitars in Troll Town and yours was the only one that was custom painted.”

“True,” said Billy. ”It’s bound to show up soon.”

”Now that’s better,” said Dianne, when she noticed that Billy was starting to cheer up. ”You know something, Billy? It might do you some good to get out of the house for awhile.”

”Yes,” said Billy. ”It just might.”

Dianne and Billy went to the Troll Town Mall. Billy walked around the mall with Dianne, while she did her errands.

”Dianne,” said Billy. ”You were right. Getting out of the house was just what I needed. I feel much better.”

Once Dianne and Billy pulled into the driveway of their house, Billy noticed something sticking out of their front door. He raced over to the door and there inside the doorway was his guitar case. Billy quickly opened his guitar case and there inside it was his guitar.

”Look Dianne!” exclaimed Billy, happily. ”It’s my guitar!”

Billy never did find out how his guitar ended up in the doorway that day and he never did find out who took it in the first place. Billy didn’t care, either. He was just very thankful to have his guitar back.

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