Got to Go Now

Racum Raccoon and Sly Fox were walking home from school one bright fall afternoon.

”It sure is a nice day,” said Racum.

”Yes it is,” said Sly, swinging his backpack back and forth.

A stranger walked by the youngsters. It struck Racum quite odd that the man was wearing a heavy overcoat on such a warm day.

”Have you ever seen that man before?” Racum asked Sly.

Sly turned his head quickly to take a look.

”We got to go, now!” exclaimed Sly, grabbing Racum’s paw and dragging him as fast as he could.

”Sly,” said Racum. ”What’s up with you?”

”That man is wanted,” said Sly. ”My Dad told me that if I ever saw that man in the Big Dark Forest, that I should get away from him as fast as I could.”

”What is that man wanted for?” asked Racum, still running as fast as he could go.

”My Dad said that someone robbed the convenience store last night,” said Sly.

”Sly, are you sure that it was that man?” asked Racum, stopping suddenly and facing his friend.

”Well,” said Sly. ”I’m not positive.”

“We shouldn’t think that way before we know for sure,” said Racum.

Just then a police cruiser pulled up beside Racum and Sly.

”Hi Dad,” said Sly, when his father rolled down the window of the police cruiser.

”Hi son,” said Mr. Fox. ”I just wanted you to know that we have apprehended the man who robbed the store last night.”

”Oh good,” said Sly.

”Look,” said Mr. Fox. “Mrs. Jones, in the village, says her husband is missing. He has alzheimer’s disease and may be just wandering around.”

”He’s that way,” said Sly, a little embarrassed.

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