”Troll Mommy,” said Troll Sister, one night after dinner. ”Why is there so much hate in the world?”

”Oh Troll Sister!” exclaimed Troll Mother, drying off her hands on the tea towel and coming to sit down beside Troll Sister at the table. “That is a very tough question.”

”We were talking about the attacks on the World Trade Centre in school today,” said Troll Sister. ”I just figure that for someone to do something so awful as that they must have a lot of hate in them.”

”Yes,” said Troll Mother. ”They must! That was a deplorable act of violence. Hate is a terrible vicious thing. I think people have so many differences in opinions and in some extreme cases that is what causes the amount of hatred that would cause such a terrible act like that.”

”You are right Troll Mother,” said Troll Sister. ”It is too bad that everyone in this world just can’t get along and put their differences aside.”

”What a better world we would live if people did that?!” exclaimed Troll Mother.

”I think I will go play with my Troll brothers for a little while,” said Troll Sister.

”I thought you were angry with them for baking your Troll doll,” said Troll Mother.

”Not anymore,” said Troll Sister. ”I’m not going to get angry with Troll Brother and Troll Baby for such little things anymore.”

”My, I think she is growing up,” said Troll Mother, watching Troll Sister go outside to where her Troll brothers were.

Troll Mother wiped a tear from the corner of her eye as she went back to the kitchen sink to do the dishes.

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