Grampy’s New Car

”Fawn,” said Spot, eating her breakfast of hay and oats. “I think Grampy is here!”

”What!” exclaimed Fawn happily, just about choking on his cold french fry.

Fawn and Spot have not seen very much of Grampy lately.

”That’s not Grampy,” said Fawn, looking out into the driveway and seeing a brand new silver sports car.

”What do you mean it’s not Grampy?” a familiar voice said, coming through the barn door.

”Grampy!” exclaimed Fawn. ”It really is you!”

”Hi there you two,” said Grampy, giving Spot a handful of hay and reaching into his pocket to givve Fawn a chocolate bar.

”Thank you,” said Fawn, gulping down the chocolate bar quickly.

”Who’s car is that outside?” asked Fawn.

”It’s mine,” said Grampy.

“Yeah right!” laughed Fawn.

”It is my car,” said Grampy.

”But it’s so nice,” said Fawn.

“It should be,” said Grampy. ”It’s brand new.”

”Wow!” exclaimed Fawn.

”Well Grampy,” said Spot. ”I think it’s a really nice car!”

”Thank you, Spot,” said Grampy. “Why don’t you two come out and see it?”

”Okay,” said Fawn and Spot together.

Fawn and Spot liked Grampy’s new car very much. Ggrampy even let Fawn stick his head right in the drivers side.

“Wow!” exclaimed Fawn. ”What a beautiful car! Hey, Grampy. Can I have your old car?”

“What for?” asked Grampy.

”I’d like to learn how to drive,” said Fawn.

”You’d better just stick to walking,” laughed Grampy.

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