“Fawn,” said Spot, looking at over to see what her friend was doing. ”You are acting a little strange today.”

”No, I’m not,” said Fawn.

”Yes,” said Spot. ”You are. What are you doing with my piggy bank?”

”Nothing,” said Fawn, putting the piggy bank behind his back.

”You are up to something,” said Spot. “And, with you, it could only mean trouble. I’m going outside for awhile.”

Spot went outside. Fawn took Spot’s piggy bank out from behind his back and finished putting the money into it that he owed Spot and then put the lid back on it. Then he put it up on Spot’s shelf, where he got it from. He then went outside, too.

”Hey Spot,” said Jenny Hansen, who had just gotten home from school. “Do you want to sponsor me in a walk-a-thon?”

”Sure,” said Spot. ”I’ll do that.”

Spot went into the barn and got her piggy bank down from the shelf. She shook it and a whole bunch of money came out. Spot took a dollar of it and gave it to Jenny.

”Fawn,” said Spot, later that day. ”How come I have lots of money in my piggy bank now?”

“Well,” said Fawn. ”Earlier in the barn, I did have your piggy bank. I was paying you back the money that you lent me last week.”

”Oh Fawn,” said Spot. ”You are the best! And here I thought you were up to no good today.”

”Who me?” asked Fawn, smiling. ”I’m never in trouble.”

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