Skateboard Baby

“Hey Ricky,” said Baby, a six month old black and white kitten. ”I want to go skateboarding, too.”

“Are you crazy?” Ricky asked, stepping down off his skateboard. ”You are just a cat. Cats can’t skateboard!”

Baby climbed onto the skateboard.

”Baby,” said Ricky. ”Get off my skateboard!”

”I don’t have to,” said Baby, quite boldly.

”Baby,” said Ricky. ”Why are you such a brat?”

”Well,” said Baby. ”I’m just a poor helpless little kitten that likes to do things and I don’t like it when someone says no to me!”

”Oh Baby,” said Ricky, bending over to pick Baby up off the skateboard. “What are you going to do now?”

”I’m gonna scratch you and bite you,” said Baby, getting ready to stick out her claws.

”I’m so scared,” laughed Ricky.

”You should be scared,” said Baby.

”You’ve got to learn how to behave properly,” said Ricky, riding around the basement floor on his skateboard.

Baby took off up the basement stairs as fast as she could go, running into the wall and making a big racket.

“Ricky,” called Mommy, who was watching television. ”What did you do to Baby?”

”I didn’t do anything to Baby,” said Ricky.

”Well,” said Mommy. ”You must have done something to her.”

”I didn’t,” said Ricky.

”Meeooowwww,” cried Baby, rubbing up against Mommy’s legs.

“Oh you poor little kitten,” cried Mommy, picking Baby up in her arms.

“Meeooowwww!” Baby cried even louder.

”You a pathetic,” said Ricky, when he came upstairs and seen Baby in Mommy’s arms.

”Meeooowwww!” cried Baby again.

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