Fawn and Spot’s Halloween

“Hey Spot!” called Fawn. “Do you want to go for a walk with me?”

“Not particularly,” said Spot.

“Why?” asked Fawn. “It’s a beautiful night to go for a walk. The moon is shining bright and the air is crisp.”

“Fawn, do you not know that this is Halloween night?” asked Spot.

“Yes,” said Fawn. “I know that.”

“Well, if you know that then why would you want to go for a walk?” asked Spot.

“I just feel like getting some exercise,” said Fawn. “By the way, Spot, you aren’t afraid of ghosts, witches and haunted houses, are you?”

“No Fawn,” said Spot. “I’m not afraid. I just don’t feel like going for a walk.”

“I’ll bet that you are afraid,” laughed Fawn.

“No I’m not,” said Spot.

“Prove it then,” said Fawn.

“Alright,” said Spot. “I’ll go for a walk with you, but only to the end of the lane.”

Fawn and Spot walked down the lane together, side by side.

“Fawn was right,” said Spot to herself. “It is a beautiful night to go for a walk.”

“Do you still want to turn back?” asked Fawn.

“No,” said Spot. “Let’s keep going.”

Fawn and Spot kept walking. They came to a fork in the road.

“Let’s go down this road,” said Fawn. “I’ve never been down here before.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Spot. “It looks pretty eerie.”

“Scared?” asked Fawn.

“No,” said Spot. “Oh, alright, let’s go.”

The road did look a little eerie. The hairs on Spots back started to stand up. Her stomach felt a little odd, too.

“Ah, Fawn,” said Spot. “Don’t you think that we should be getting back home?”

“Oh come on,” said Fawn. “This is fun!”

“Eek, eek, eek,” the cows heard someone cackle in the distance. “Eek, eek, eek!”

“What was that?” Fawn asked, suddenly becoming frightened.

“I don’t know,” said Spot, who was shaking like a leaf.

“Who dares to walk on my road?” a loud, cackily voice screeched. “What is the meaning of this?”

A lone figure appeared from nowhere. The figure was very frightening looking. It had long black hair, a crooked chin, and a long hooked nose. It was dressed completely in black.

“Spot,” whispered Fawn. “What are we going to do?”

“Are you scared now?” asked Spot.

“Yes,” said Fawn. “I am.”

“I won’t ask you again,” said the frightening figure. “Who are you and what are you doing on my property?”

“We are Fawn and Spot,” said Spot, trying to get the situation under control. “My friend and I were just out for an evening walk. We are sorry to have bothered you. Come on, Fawn. Let’s leave now.”

“Leave!” shouted the figure. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

“Why not!” shouted Fawn angrily. “You can’t make us stay here.”

“I am Wilma the Witch,” said the figure. “I can make you do whatever I please.”

“Wilma the Witch!” shouted Fawn. “I’ve heard of you before. You are the most wicked witch in the entire world.”

“Yes,” said Spot. “We have heard of you before.”

“Well of course you have,” said Wilma. “Everyone has heard of me! I am not only the most wicked witch of the entire world, but I am also the most famous witch of all.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “You are very famous.”

“Something smells funny here,” said Wilma. “I smell roast beef!”

With that statement both Fawn and Spot ran for their lives. They didn’t stop until they reached their safe and secure stall. There was a knock on the barn door. Both cows stared at each other, afraid to move and afraid to answer it, just in case Wilma had followed them home.

Slowly the barn door opened.

“Fawn! Spot!” someone shouted. “Where are you?”

“Oh,” said Spot. “That is just Jenny and Ricky. I guess they are back from trick-or-treating.”

“Hi there!” exclaimed the two Hansen children as they entered the barn and saw their two friends snuggled into one corner of their stall.

“It looks like you two have seen a ghost!” exclaimed Ricky, laughing. “Or should I say a witch!”

“It sure smells like roast beef in here!” exclaimed Jenny, laughing as she walked into the stall in a black witches costume.

Fawn looked at Spot and Spot looked at Fawn. The two cows burst into a fit of laughter when they realized who Wilma the Witch really was.

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