Angry Cat’s Valentine’s Day

“Is this the flower shop?” Angry Cat asked, when a young girl answered the phone.

“Yes,” said the girl. “My name is Penny. How can I help you?”

“I would like to order two dozen roses please,” said Angry Cat.

Penny took Angry Cat’s information and promised to have the roses delivered within an hour.

“Thank you Penny,” said Angry Cat. “And, Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Angry Cat hung up the phone and a few minutes later, Harriet, his sister, came into the living room.

“I bet you don’t know what day it is,” said Harriet.

“I do too,” yelled Angry Cat. “It is Valentine’s Day.”

“I would love some roses for Valentine’s Day,” said Harriet. “I think you should buy me some.”

“Why would I want to do that?” yelled Angry Cat. “I don’t even like Valentine’s Day.”

“Since when?” asked Harriet. “Last year you went to the Valentine’s Day dance with me and I remember you had so much fun.”

“That was last year,” said Angry Cat.

“Oh yes,” said Harriet. “That was when you asked Suzie to dance and she turned you down.”

“Why did you have to bring her name up?” asked Angry Cat, angrily.

“I see that is still a touchy subject,” said Harriet.”

“I am over Suzie now,” said Angry Cat.

Just then, Harriet saw a delivery truck pull up into the driveway. Seconds later, the door bell rang.

“Where did they come from?” asked Angry Cat, seeing Harriet with two dozen roses.

Harriet read the attached cards and was shocked to find out that Angry Cat had ordered them.

“One dozen is for you,” said Angry Cat. “That other dozen is for mother.”

“Thank you so much,” said Harriet, sniffing the wonderful aroma of the roses and then reaching over to give Angry Cat a big kiss on his cheek.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Angry Cat.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Harriet, giving Angry Cat another kiss.

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