Billy Troll and the Monster Song

“How is the new song coming along?” Dianne Troll asked her husband, Billy.

“It is coming along okay,” said Billy.

“Just okay?” asked Dianne, sensing a bit of hesitation in Billy’s voice.

“I really didn’t realize just how hard it was to write a children’s song,” said Billy.

“You just have to write from the heart,” said Dianne. “Let me hear what you have so far.”

Billy started strumming his guitar in a very slow rhythm at first and then built up speed to give the song a sense of suspense. He then went back to the slow rhythm before starting to sing.

“Monsters are my friends,” Billy sang. “Monsters bring me luck. I like monsters and they like me. Especially when I sound like a duck.”

Billy strummed softly at first and then built up speed.

“Monsters can be mean,” Billy sang. “Monsters can be cruel. I am scared of monsters and they are scared of me. Especially when I drool like a bear.”

“I like it,” said Dianne.

“I am glad you do,” said Billy, putting his guitar away.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Who could that be at this time of night?” asked Dianne.

Billy shrugged his shoulders and went to answer the door. He was surprised to see a tall, furry monster standing there.

“Can I help you?” asked Billy.

“I want to hear the Monster Song,” said the monster.

“Oh,” said Billy. “I am not finished writing it yet.”

“Please play it,” said the monster.

Billy got his guitar out and he sang his new song to the monster. The monster was clapping his hands and stamping his feet to the song.

“Monster likes it,” said the monster. “I like the Monster Song.”

“Thank you,” said Billy. “I am really happy you like it. Are you going to be at the Monster Concert next week?”

“I want to,” said the monster. “However, I don’t have a ticket.”

Billy went into the house and came out with a ticket to the concert. He handed it to the monster. The monster looked at the ticket and with tears in his eyes, he gave the ticket back to Billy.

“I can’t just take the ticket,” said the monster. “I need to work for it.”

“I see,” said Billy. “How would you like to help me sing the Monster Song with me?”

The monster was so excited. He was jumping up and down with joy.

Billy and the monster rehearsed the Monster Song together all week and the night of the concert, the monster was a little bit nervous when he saw the amount of people that were in attendance. Billy saw that the monster was nervous.

“Look at me,” said Billy as he started strumming the guitar.

The monster looked at Billy the whole time he was singing. He felt his nervousness go away as he got into the song. Billy was very impressed and the crowd loved it.

“Thank you,” said the monster, giving Billy a big hug.

“No,” said Billy. “Thank you.”

The monster loved singing so much that he became one of Billy’s backup singers.

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