A Relaxing Mother’s Day

Poor Mountain Mother was sitting on her couch on Mother’s Day. She was relaxing, reading her newspaper.

“Come on,” said Poor Mountain Sister, coming up the stairs from the basement. “We have things to do today for Poor Mountain Mother.”

“I know,” said Poor Mountain Brother, waiting at the top of the stairs for his sister. “I’ve been upstairs cleaning my bedroom.”

“Good,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Now we have to clean up the kitchen.”

Poor Mountain Mother took her newspaper and went out to the front porch and sat down out there. She was just starting to relax when Poor Mountain Father fired up the lawnmower and started cutting the grass.

Poor Mountain Mother waved at Poor Mountain Father and then decided she would take her newspaper down to the creek and relax down there.

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Everything is done here. Let’s go find Poor Mountain Mother and make her some lunch. She must be so hungry.”

“Last time I saw her she was sitting on the couch in the living room,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Well I saw her on the porch outside,” said Poor Mountain Father, just coming into the house.

The Poor Mountain family spent the next half an hour searching for Poor Mountain Mother. They could not find her anywhere and they were getting quite worried about her too. It wasn’t like Poor Mountain Mother to just get up and leave and not tell anyone where she going.

“This morning Poor Mountain Mother told me that she just wanted to relax with her newspaper,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Well she couldn’t have done much relaxing when she was in the living room,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Not with us trying to clean up.”

“True,” said Poor Mountain Father. “And she couldn’t have done much relaxing outside on the porch either with me cutting the grass. I think I know where she is. She is probably down at the creek.”

The Poor Mountain Family walked down to the creek and there was Poor Mountain Mother sitting on the bench, reading her newspaper.

“I’m sorry for ruining your relaxing Mother’s Day,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“We are sorry too,” said Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother.

“We promise the rest of the day will be relaxing for you,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Poor Mountain Mother went back up to the house with her family. They all helped make lunch for Poor Mountain Mother and she enjoyed that very much.

“I love my Poor Mountain Family,” said Poor Mountain Mother, after her delicious lunch.

“And we love you too,” said the Poor Mountain Family all getting up to give Poor Mountain Mother a big hug and kiss.

Poor Mountain Mother enjoyed the rest of her Mother’s Day and it proved to be very relaxing for her with a nice, long hot bath and beautiful dinner that the Poor Mountain Family prepared for her.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes with a family, it is hard to relax.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Mother had a hard time relaxing with the children cleaning up and Poor Mountain Father mowing the lawn.
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