The Beach Concert

“Girls,” said Suzie. “Uncle Billy said to make sure we wear our bathing suits for tonight’s concert. Apparently, we are opening for him tonight, after all.”

“Really,” said Mollie. “But I thought he was afraid that it would be too rough for us because of the Jagged Trolls playing.”

“He is still afraid,” said Suzie. “However, the fans want us.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Crystal . “I can’t believe how famous we’ve become after just one concert.”

“I know,” said Marie. “It’s awesome.”

“Anyway,” said Suzie. “Uncle Billy is going to hire extra security for us.”

“What’s he so afraid of?” asked Marie.

“Do you know the Jagged Trolls?” asked Suzie.

“No,” said Marie.

“Well,” said Suzie. “You will meet them tonight. They are raunchy, rowdy guys. Uncle Billy just doesn’t want us to get hurt.”

The girls spent the rest of the day, shopping and relaxing. Billy knocked on their hotel door about an hour before the concert began.

“Okay girls,” said Billy. “Right outside your door you have four security guards. They will be with you for the entire evening. I don’t want to see any of you get hurt.”

“Thanks Uncle Billy,” said Suzie, giving her uncle a kiss on the cheek.

“Your limo will be here any minute,” said Billy.

As Billy left the room, the girls could see four strong men standing outside their room.

“Boy,” said Crystal . “Being famous sure is exciting.”

“It sure is,” said Mollie.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said the announcer. “I would like to introduce you to the hottest music stars, Just Girlz!”

“Oh those girls are hot,” said Mick Troll, the lead singer of the Jagged Trolls, who just arrived backstage as the girls came on stage.

“Is that so?” asked a voice from behind a curtain. “Well let me tell you something. Don’t you ever lay a finger on those girls?”

“And who is going to stop me,” said Mick.

“Me,” said the voice stepping out from behind the curtain.

Billy Troll came out from behind the curtain.

‘Billy!” exclaimed Mick, surprised. “Was that you?”

“Yes,” said Billy. “And I meant what I said. You leave those girls alone.”

For some reason, Mick feared Billy. Billy wasn’t sure if it was his influence in the music industry that Mick was afraid of because it sure wasn’t Billy’s size. Mick was twice as big as Billy.

“I will,” said Mick. “I promise.”

“Hey girls,” said Mick to the girls after their set. “That was great! You girls are really talented.”

“Thank you Mick,” said Suzie and whisked the other three girls away from Mick as quickly as she could.

“Why did you do that?” asked Marie.

“That was Mick Troll,” said Suzie.

“But he seemed like he was trying to be nice,” said Marie.

“Never trust Mick Troll,” said Suzie. “Besides, I saw Uncle Billy talking to Mick a few minutes ago. I’m sure he warned Mick to behave. Mick is afraid of Uncle Billy for some reason.”

“So you think Mick was only trying to be nice to us because your uncle talked to him,” said Marie.

“Yes,” said Billy, coming up to greet the girls. “Just remember, Mick cannot be trusted.”

“Okay,” said Marie, seeing the seriousness in Billy’s eyes.

“By the way girls,” said Billy. “You were great!”

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