Just Girlz Pact

“Great concert, girls,” said Billy, after their first American gig. “Keep it up and you girls are going to be loved worldwide.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself Uncle Billy,” said Suzie.

“Ah,” said Billy modestly.

“So girls,” said Dianne, standing behind Billy. “Billy has something he wants to ask you.”

“Dianne,” said Billy. “I was getting around to it. Just give me a second.”

“Well,” said Dianne. “This could be the break they are looking for.”

“True,” said Billy. “Okay, I was just speaking with my manager. He really likes you girls and says you have a lot of potential. He wants to give you a recording contract. He wants you to sign up with him! He wants to be your manager!”

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Suzie. “This is so exciting!”

“Yes,” said Mollie. “This is such a wonderful opportunity!”

“Absolutely,” said Marie.

“Totally cool!” exclaimed Crystal .

“Okay,” said Billy. “He wants all of us to have dinner with him tonight.”

“We’ll be there!” exclaimed Suzie excitedly. “This is great!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Mollie, once Billy had left. “I don’t believe this. Things are happening so fast for us! This is an incredible opportunity for us.”

“Do you realize who Uncle Billy’s manager is?” asked Suzie.

“No,” said Marie. “But he must be good or Billy wouldn’t have anything to do with him.”

“Oh,” said Suzie. “He’s good alright. He’s the best in the business!”

“He’s not Russell Solina,” said Crystal . “Is he?”

“The one and only,” said Suzie.

“Are you joking?” asked Mollie. “Russell Solina wants us to record with him. Do you realize that he only takes the best? He doesn’t settle for second best at all.”

“Do you girls realize how big we really are?” asked Marie. “We have to be superstars in order for Russell Solina to even consider taking us on.”

“This certainly is exciting,” said Crystal .

“Okay,” said Suzie, sitting down on a chair backstage. “Girls, we have to put this into some kind of perspective or we are going to be so excited that we will end of blowing this.”

“Suzie is right,” said Mollie. “We’ve got to talk about this and get both our head and our feet back on the ground.”

Crystal , Marie and Mollie each grabbed a chair and sat down beside Suzie.

“Okay,” said Suzie. “I think we need to set our priorities straight. First of all, music is obviously number one in our lives and that is something we should never forget. However, because we are all still very young, I don’t think we should let our education slide. I think we should make a pact between the three of us. I think we should all agree that no matter how big and how famous we become that we should all definitely finish our education, even if we have to finish it on the road. Also, I don’t think we should ever forget about any one of us. If one of us has a problem, we talk about it and we will deal with it and we will get on with our lives.”

“I agree,” said Mollie. “But I’d like to add something. We should also never forget our roots and where we came from. Most of us have come from poor families and I think we should use our Just Girlz money to first help our families and then we should help others that need help. We are still young enough that we could really make a difference in this world.”

“Absolutely,” said Crystal . “I think we should also help young children get better educated.”

“One other thing,” and Marie. “We should also never forget our fans. They are how we got here today and they will be how we stay here tomorrow.”

“Wonderful,” said Suzie. “That is what I wanted to hear.”

Suzie, Mollie, Marie and Crystal all shook hands and that handshake became known as the Just Girlz pact. Before each and every concert, the girls shook hands as a reminder to their pact.

“Let’s shake on it,” said Suzie. “Then that hand-shake will be known as the Just Girlz pact.”

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