Silly Snake’s Mother’s Day Surprise

Silly Snake woke up early on Mother’s Day. He packed himself a lunch and put on his jacket and set out on his long walk to the nearby city to see his Mother. Silly Snake hadn’t made the visit into the city for a few years and thought it would be a nice surprise for his mother.

Silly Snake walked quickly along the country road. He spotted Mrs. Robin in the tree beside the park.

“Silly Snake,” said Mrs. Robin. “Nice to see you up and about so early.”

“You too,” said Silly Snake. “I’m going to the city to see Mother today. It is Mother’s Day today.”

“Indeed it is,” said Mrs. Robin, taking a look in the nest where her young ones were having a nap. “We just had our Mother’s Day celebration. My babies cleaned out the nest for me.”

“That is really nice,” said Silly Snake. “Mother doesn’t know I am coming. I’m going to surprise her.”

“Maybe you should take your Mother some of those wildflowers that are growing right at the foot of this tree,” said Mrs. Robin.

“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “Mother will love them.”

Silly Snake picked some of the flowers. He gave a small handful to Mrs. Robin.

“Thank you,” said Mrs. Robin, enjoying the fresh scent of the flowers.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Silly Snake.

Silly Snake walked along the country road and just before entering the city, he saw Mrs. Frog sitting on a log underneath a bridge.

“Good morning Mrs. Frog,” said Silly Snake.

“Oh good morning Silly Snake,” said Mrs. Frog.

“I’m going to the city to see Mother today,” said Silly Snake. “Today is Mother’s Day.”

“It definitely is,” said Mrs. Frog. “Me and the young ones are going on a picnic later today to celebrate Mother’s Day.”

“Nice,” said Silly Snake. “I haven’t seen Mother in a few years. It is going to be a nice surprise for her.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Frog. “I see you have some flowers to give to her.”

“Yes,” said Silly Snake.

“Why don’t you take her a box of chocolates too?” asked Mrs. Frog. “They have a sale on them in the store across the street.”

Silly Snake went into the store that Mrs. Frog told him about and the sale was so good that Silly Snake was able to buy two boxes of chocolates. He gave one to Mrs. Frog.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Silly Snake.

“Why thank you,” said Mrs. Frog.

Silly Snake went on his way. He found the street his Mother lived on and was soon standing on her front porch.

“Silly Snake!” hugged Mother when she saw him at the door.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Silly Snake, giving Mother the chocolates and the flowers. The flowers were a little wilted and the chocolates were a little melted but Mother didn’t care. She was so happy to see Silly Snake.

“I see you are doing well,” said Mother, looking at Silly Snake.

“You too,” said Silly Snake. “You look very beautiful in your dress. Is that new?”

“Yes,” said Mother. “Something told me you were going to come for a visit today.”

“Really?” asked Silly Snake.

“Yes,” said Mother. “And I am so glad that you did come.”

“Me too,” said Silly Snake, smelling a pot roast. “I’m assuming that you are cooking dinner for me.”

“Absolutely,” said Mother.

Silly Snake helped Mother prepare the rest of the meal and then the two of them sat down and had a real nice dinner together.

“Well Mother,” said Silly Snake. “I really have to get back to the country before it gets dark.”

“Yes, yes,” said Mother. “I understand but please don’t wait so long to come back to visit.”

“I promise,” said Silly Snake, giving Mother a hug and kiss.

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