A Perfect Easter

“Hey Spot,” said Fawn. “Do you know that Easter is only a few weeks away?”

“I know,” said Spot. “It has come up pretty quickly.”

“Do you think Grampy will come for Easter?” asked Fawn.

“Oh Fawn,” said Spot. “You know that Grampy lives in Ontario and we now live in British Columbia. There is about 4,000 km difference now.”

“I guess,” said Fawn. “But I miss Grampy so much. I wish I could see him.”

“I know you do,” said Spot. “Unfortunately though the Hansen’s now live here in BC and so do we. You do like living here still, don’t you?”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “I do. I just wish I could see Grampy.”

Fawn went into the barn and he took out a pen and a piece of paper. He started writing Grampy a letter. The letter read:

“Dear Grampy:  I was wondering if you wanted to come visit us in British Columbia for Easter. I really miss you a lot and would love to see you. Of course, so would everyone else, but me mostly. Grampy, you would love it out here in BC. You would love the fresh air and the mountains. You would also love the fishing out here. Please come for Easter, Grampy. You are the only one that can make a perfect Easter.

Love, Fawn.”

After Fawn had written the letter, he decided that he should probably not mail it to Grampy, after all.

“Spot is right,” said Fawn. “Grampy lives so far away now. What am I thinking? Grampy won’t be able to come for Easter.”

Fawn left the letter on the table. Later on that day, Spot found Fawn’s letter and she read it. Tears came to her eyes. She got on the phone and called Grampy right away.

“Spot!” exclaimed Grampy. “I’m so happy to hear from you. How is Fawn doing?”

“Well,” said Spot. “He is actually the reason I am calling.”

“Oh dear,” said Grampy. “I hope he isn’t sick.”

“No,” said Spot. “It is nothing like that. He just really misses you a lot. He was hoping that you would be able to come out here for Easter.”

“Easter!” exclaimed Grampy. “Gee, that is only a few weeks away. Spot, I’m sorry, but I just don’t think I’m going to be able to make it.”

“I didn’t think so either,” said Spot. “But it is just that he wrote you this letter and he would really like to see you.”

“Awe,” said Grampy. “Really. You know Fawn was always my best bud here in Ontario. I really do miss him too.”

Spot got the letter and read it to Grampy and by the end of the phone call, Grampy knew where he was going to spend Easter.

“Spot,” said Grampy. “Don’t tell Fawn I am coming okay?”

“I won’t,” said Spot. “Oh he is going to love this surprise.”

Fawn moped around the ranch for the next few weeks. He went around to all the Hansen’s, trying to get them to at least spend Easter together as a family.

“You know,” said Mr. Hansen, knowing full well that Grampy was coming for Easter. “Mrs. Hansen is going to be out of town that weekend. Ricky and Jenny are both away at college now. I really don’t think we are going to have much of an Easter this year.”

“That is just terrible,” cried Fawn. “What has happened to this family? Nobody wants to spend time with each other anymore.”

“Well Fawn,” said Mr. Hansen, smiling inside. “Families do grow up and family members do get a life of their own. It is all a part of life.”

“Well life isn’t so nice sometimes,” said Fawn.

The day before Easter, Mr. Hansen told Fawn that he was going to the airport to drop off Mrs. Hansen. However, what he was really doing was picking up Grampy. Mrs. Hansen really didn’t have to go anywhere that weekend but Grampy wanted to surprise Fawn and this was the best way they could think of doing it.

“Do you want to come to the airport with us?” Mrs. Hansen asked Fawn.

“I guess,” said Fawn, not being too enthused.

The Hansen’s and Fawn and Spot arrived at the airport. Fawn noticed right away that Mr. Hansen was heading toward the arrivals and not the departures.

“Don’t worry Fawn,” said Mr. Hansen. “I know what I am doing.”

“Okay,” said Fawn. “If you say so.”

Fawn stood right at the window of the airport, watching the planes landing. A big jet from Ontario arrived at Gate 3 and Fawn thought he saw a familiar figure walking up the platform.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Fawn. “I think I’m hallucinating. I thought I just saw Grampy.”

“That is because you did,” a very familiar voice said behind him.

“Grampy!” exclaimed Fawn, tears rolling down his cheeks. “It is really you!”

“Yes,” said Grampy. “It is really me. I’ve come to give you your perfect Easter!”

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