Billy Troll Gets the Flu on Valentine’s Day

“Good morning love,” said Billy to his wife, Dianne. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh thank you,” said Dianne, smiling.

Billy handed Dianne a bouquet of roses.

“Oh they smell so nice,” said Dianne, sniffing them. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Billy, giving Dianne a hug and a kiss. “Don’t forget tonight?”

“I will definitely not forget about tonight,” said Dianne. “I can’t wait!”

“Okay,” said Billy, grabbing his guitar case and heading out the door.

Later in the day, Billy was starting to get light-headed and his throat was starting to get a little sore. As the day wore on, it seemed he was just feeling worse and worse. However, he knew he had to take Dianne out that evening. It was Valentine’s Day, after all.

Billy met Dianne at the restaurant. He was a few minutes late but Dianne had just arrived as well. It was their favourite restaurant in Troll Town. The waiters knew Billy and Dianne very well and when they saw them come in, they escorted them to their table right away.

It was time to order dinner and Billy was starting to feel really faint. He decided to order just a bowl of homemade chicken soup and a salad. Dianne looked a little puzzled when the waiter took their order.

“Are you okay?” Dianne asked, after the waiter had left.

“Yes,” said Billy. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” asked Dianne. “You didn’t order very much for dinner.”

“I’m fine,” said Billy, wanting to change the subject. “Let’s just enjoy our evening together.”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “Good idea.”

As the night wore on, Billy felt worse and worse. He had perspiration dripping from his forehead and he also had a bad case of the chills. When the waiter brought his meal to him, he couldn’t even stand to look at. He brushed the salad bowl aside and made an attempt to eat the chicken soup.

“Billy Troll!” exclaimed Dianne, who had gotten up off her chair and put her hand on Billy’s forehead. “You are really sick here! You are burning up with a fever!”

“But it is okay,” said Billy. “I don’t want to spoil your Valentine’s Day.”

“Goodness Billy,” said Dianne. “Valentine’s Day is not as important to me as you are. Come on, we are going home.”

Dianne got the waiter to put Billy’s chicken soup in a doggy-bag for him. She would feed it to him once she got him home.

“Now,” said Dianne, once they were in the door of their home. “Straight to bed you go.”

Billy didn’t argue. He felt so much better when he was in bed under his covers. A few minutes later, Dianne came in to give him some aspirin for his fever and within minutes, he was sound asleep. Dianne let him sleep for a few hours and then she brought his soup to him. She managed to get him to swallow all of the broth and then she let him go back to sleep. The next morning, Billy woke up and his bedding was soaked from sweat but he felt so much better.

“Gee,” said Billy to Dianne, who was already up and cooking breakfast. “That smells good. I’m hungry!”

Dianne was so relieved to see Billy back to his old self again.

“And tonight,” said Billy. “I’m taking you out for dinner for sure.”

“Don’t make any promises that you can’t keep,” laughed Dianne.

As it turned out, Dianne became ill that afternoon with the same flu and Billy nursed her back to health by ordering her a take out order of chicken soup. She, too, felt much better the next day. Both Billy and Dianne decided that for a little while anyway that instead of making plans for dinner that they would just order take out instead.

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