Fawn’s Valentine Promise

“Fawn,” said Spot, running her hands down the front of her new skirt. “Do you think I look pretty?”

Fawn quickly glanced up at Spot. He stopped everything he was doing when he noticed the hearts on Spot’s skirt. He knew the only time that Spot wore anything with hearts on it was Valentine’s Day. He also remembered a promise he had made to Spot a week before. He had promised Spot that he would take her out for dinner.

“Yes,” said Fawn. “Of course you look pretty.”

“Thank you,” said Spot. “You know you don’t have to take me out if you don’t want to.”

Fawn almost told Spot that he really didn’t want to take her out. However, he knew deep down that Spot would be crushed. He also remembered how excited she was when he told her he’d take her out.

“No,” said Fawn. “I made you a promise and I’m going to keep it.”

“Oh thank you,” Spot almost cried.

Spot knew that Fawn didn’t really want to go out for dinner. She also knew he was doing it just to please her and that meant a lot to her.

Fawn and Spot went to the local take-out restaurant. Fawn ordered a hot dog and fries and Spot ordered a nice fresh garden salad. Fawn enjoyed the food very much and actually found himself having a good time. Spot also enjoyed herself and was shocked when Fawn gave her a kiss on the cheek.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.
  • Example: Fawn didn’t really want to but he took Spot out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

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