Silly Snake Goes to School

“Where are you going this morning?” asked Silly Snake’s Mother, noticing that Silly Snake was all dressed up and had a backpack on his back.

“I’m going to school,” said Silly Snake.

“Really,” said his mother. “Well have a good day.”

“Can I take an apple with me?” asked Silly Snake.

“Sure,” said his mother. “I’m sure the teacher would love one.”

“It isn’t for the teacher,” said Silly Snake. “It is for me.”

“I see,” said his mother, putting an extra apple in Silly Snake’s backpack. “That one is for the teacher.”

Silly Snake left for school and when he got to the playground he saw lots of children playing. He slowly went up to them and was very surprised that none of the children ran from him and that none of them were mean to him. In fact, a few of them wanted to be his friend.

“How come you’re not being mean to me?” Silly Snake asked one of the little girls.

“We aren’t allowed to be mean,” said the girl. “We have a ‘No Bullying Rule’ here. If we are mean to someone or if we bully them, we get suspended.”

Silly Snake went to school for several days in a row. He learned a lot while he was in class but also he made a lot of friends. He found out that recess and lunch were his best subjects.

One Saturday, Silly Snake was walking in the park and he saw a couple of the children that he went to school with. To Silly Snake’s utter surprise and disappointment, the children started teasing him.

“You are going to get suspended,” said Silly Snake, trying to hold back the tears that were welling up in his eyes.

“No we aren’t,” laughed the children. “You are such a silly snake. We aren’t on school property.”

“Oh you are going to be suspended alright,” a voice behind the children said angrily.

Silly Snake turned around and saw the principal, Mr. Smith, standing there. Mr. Smith was very angry. Silly Snake noticed that the children quickly turned and ran away but Mr. Smith had already written down all the children’s names on a notepad.

All the children that were involved in the teasing were suspended first thing Monday morning. Silly Snake noticed that once the children had come back to school after their suspension, they never teased him again, on school property, or off.


Moral of this Story:

  • Bullying or teasing isn’t allowed on school property or off.
  • Example: Silly Snake wasn’t teased on school property but, when the school children found him off school property, they started teasing him.

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