Valentine’s Day Dance

“Fawn,” said Spot. “What are we going to do tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow night,” said Fawn. “I don’t know. Why?”

“No reason,” said Spot, sadly.

Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and Spot wanted Fawn to take her to the Valentine’s Day Dance tomorrow night. The only problem was that Fawn didn’t know that it was close to Valentine’s Day. When it came to matters of the heart and romance, Fawn just didn’t have a clue.

Spot went outside and saw Heather Hansen up at the main house. Heather was visiting her parents in British Columbia for a month or two.

“Hi Heather,” said Spot.

“Oh hi Spot,” said Heather. “What is wrong?”

Heather could tell right away that something was bothering Spot.

“Well,” said Spot. “There is a Valentine’s Day Dance tomorrow night …”

“And let me guess,” interrupted Heather. “You want Fawn to take you.”

“Yes,” cried Spot. “I do.”

“And,” said Heather. “Let me guess again, he has no idea that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day does he?”

“That is right,” said Spot.

“Things never change, do they,” said Heather.

“No,” said Spot. “Fawn will always be Fawn, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Heather. “You’ll be going to that dance with Fawn tomorrow night. I guarantee it.”

“Thank you Heather,” said Spot. “And by the way, I’m so glad you are here.”

“Me too,” said Heather. “I’ve really missed you guys.”

Heather saw Fawn later that afternoon, standing in the yard, soaking up the bright winter sun.

“Fawn,” said Heather.

“Hi Heather!” exclaimed Fawn. “I’m so glad to see you. Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

“Absolutely,” said Heather. “And tomorrow is going to be an even more beautiful day.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Fawn, looking a little confused.

“What day is tomorrow?” asked Heather.

“Let me think,” said Fawn, thinking so hard that his eyebrows were crooked.

“Fawn,” said Heather. “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.”

“It is,” said Fawn. “No wonder Spot was so cranky this morning.”

“Spot wants you to take her to the Valentine’s Day Dance tomorrow night,” said Heather.

“Really,” said Fawn.

“Yes really,” said Heather. “And you are going to take her, aren’t you Fawn?”

“Yes Heather,” said Fawn. “I will.”

Fawn went into the barn and saw Spot in the kitchen cooking dinner.

“I hope you are ready for tomorrow night,” said Fawn.

“What?” asked Spot, confused.

“Rumor has it that there is a Valentine’s Day Dance tomorrow night,” said Fawn. “I would be delighted if you would join me.”

“Oh Fawn!” exclaimed Spot, crying. “I would love to.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t wait forever to ask someone out?
  • Example: Fawn didn’t have a clue it was Valentine’s Day soon and Spot was upset because she wanted him to take her to a Valentine’s Day Dance.

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