Travelin’ Rick Finds Cupid

Hi! I’m Travelin’ Rick. I hope you will come with me on my latest adventure. It is almost Valentine’s Day and I have decided that I am going to go in search of Cupid. You see, I am smitten for a young girl that I have recently made acquaintance with. The young girl that I am speaking about is Sarah.

Sarah is a very sweet girl. She is honest and very beautiful. I am hoping that when I find Cupid that I can make Sarah my wife.

On my search for Cupid, I stay away from the obvious places. I stay well away from places I know Cupid would never approve of. I started my search for Cupid in the shopping mall.

At the shopping mall, I noticed a jewelry store. I thought to myself that this would be the perfect place to search for Cupid. Boy, was I wrong? Looking at the rings on display, an older woman came and stood beside me.

“That is a beautiful ring,” she whispered into my ear.

“Yes, it is,” I said, turning to take a look at the older woman.

The woman had a wart on the end of her nose that was larger than an eraser on the tip of a pencil. She wore horn-rimmed glasses, you know the kind with the big thick lenses. Her hair was a fiery orange colour and her eyes, the darkest shade of brown that I have ever seen.

“I must go,” I said, heading for the door.

“Oh no,” said the woman. “You can’t leave yet. I have a wonderful deal on that ring for you.”

“You don’t understand,” I said. “I’m on my way to find Cupid. I want to ask the love of my life to marry me.”

“I see,” said the woman, angrily.

The woman somehow managed to get to the door of the store before I noticed what was happening. Before I knew it, I was locked into the store with this woman.

“What do you want from me?” I asked the woman.

“I want you to marry me,” said the woman.

“How can I marry you?” I asked. “I don’t even know anything about you at all.”

“So,” said the woman. “Just because I’m ugly you won’t marry me.”

“I never said that,” I said. “But marriage is a very important step in someone’s life. It is not something that should be made light of. The woman I want to marry is the kindest woman in this whole world and I know that I will be very happy with her. It just so happens that if Sarah was ugly, I’d still marry her and that is because I am in love with her for what she is and not for what she looks like.”

“Is that so?” asked the woman, who all of a sudden started turning a bright red colour.

“Cupid!” I exclaimed, noticing that the woman had turned into Cupid.

“Yes,” said Cupid. “It is me and I am here to grant your love toward Sarah. Tomorrow, you can ask Sarah to marry you.”

“Oh,” I said, giving Cupid a big hug. “Thank you so much!”

“You are very welcome,” said Cupid. “And good luck with your new life with your beautiful wife to be.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Love should never be based on the looks of another person.
  • Example: Travelin’ Rick explained to the woman in the store that he couldn’t marry her because he was in love with his beautiful Sarah and that he would marry Sarah whether she was ugly or beautiful.

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