Fawn and Spot’s Valentine Dance

“Fawn,” said Spot, excitedly. “Mr. and Mrs. Hansen are having a dance this Valentine’s Day!”

“So,” said Fawn, who was in a bad mood. “What’s that got to do with us?”

“Fawn,” said Spot. “They are going to hold the dance here in the barn. It is going to be a barn dance.”

“Great,” said Fawn. “That’s all I need. A bunch of people dancing around in my stall.”

“Fawn,” said Spot. “That bunch of people is just going to be family. What is wrong with you? Why are you so miserable today?”

“I don’t know,” said Fawn. “I guess I didn’t sleep too well last night.”

“How come?” asked Spot. “You went to bed early and you slept until almost ten o’clock this morning.”

“I think I’m coming down with the flu,” said Fawn.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Spot. “The dance is going to be held this weekend! You can’t be sick for the dance.”

“Well,” said Fawn. “I don’t feel good. I think I have a fever and I’m cold.”

“Okay,” said Spot. “We still have two days to get you better. I will look after you, Fawn, and I’ll make sure you are better for the dance.”

Spot went into the kitchen of the barn and got her medical kit. She took Fawn’s temperature.

“Fawn,” said Spot. “You have a temperature of 101°! Come on now, you get back into your bed.”

Spot made sure Fawn was nice and tucked into bed and then she went and got him some medication and a nice big glass of orange juice.

“I don’t want orange juice,” said Fawn, after taking his medicine.

“Come on Fawn,” said Spot. “Just drink it up. It is full of vitamin C and you need lots of that to get better.”

Fawn reluctantly drank his orange juice.

“There now,” said Spot, taking the empty glass from him. “That is a good boy.”

Spot looked after Fawn that day and the next and by the morning of the dance, Fawn was feeling much better.

“Thank you for taking care of me,” said Fawn to Spot that morning. “I feel much better now.”

“Great,” said Spot. “We have a lot to do today. We have to clean up the barn and get it ready for this afternoon.”

Fawn helped Spot clean the barn and they were all ready when the Hansen’s came over at noon hour to hang the decorations. The barn looked like it had been hit by Cupid when they were finished. Red hearts and pink and red streamers were everywhere.

The guests arrived shortly after three o’clock and Fawn and Spot had a wonderful time listening to Grampy play his guitar while everyone danced.

“Would you care to dance?” Fawn asked Spot.

“Oh Fawn,” said Spot. “I would love too.”

The barn dance was a success. Both Fawn and Spot were very tired when they went to bed that night. Fawn heard Spot sneezing and coughing through the night and he went and got her an extra blanket and a nice big glass of orange juice. Spot never did get sick and she was very thankful to Fawn for taking care of her.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to take care of a friend when they are sick.
  • Example: Fawn came down with the flu and Spot took care of him.

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