Ice Skating

“Daddy! Daddy!” cried Jack and Melissa. “Can you take us ice skating today? We want to try out our new skates!”

“Oh,” sighed Daddy. “It’s too cold out today.”

“We will dress warm,” the two children cried.

“The pond isn’t quite ready yet,” said Daddy.

“That’s not true,” said Jack. “We saw Leslie and his friends skating yesterday on the pond. You know how big Leslie is. If the pond can hold them, I’m sure it can hold us.”

Leslie and his friends were in high school and they were much bigger than Jack and Melissa, who were only in elementary school. The truth of the matter was that it had been years since their Dad skated. He was afraid. He didn’t want to have to tell them that for fear they would laugh at him.

“It’s too cold,” said Daddy.

Jack and Melissa just laughed at that excuse.

“It’s supposed to be cold outside at this time of the year,” said Melissa.

“Come on Daddy,” said Jack. “Don’t you want to try out your new skates, too?”

“I could shoot that Santa Claus,” thought Daddy to himself. “He had no right buying me a pair of skates!”

“Please Daddy,” the children begged. “Please!”

Daddy had no choice but to give in. He had run out of excuses. He got his new skates of the box and the three went skating.

Daddy fell down on the ice once, and with Jack and Melissa’s help, got swiftly back to his feet again. Soon, he was skating like the old pro he once was.

“You know,” Daddy said, after awhile. “I was a pretty good skater at one time. I was going to enter the Olympics one year.”

“You were,” said Jack excitedly. “Why didn’t you?”

“That’s the same year that I met your mother,” laughed Daddy.

“So,” said Melissa.

“So,” laughed Daddy. “That’s also the same year that we got married and had you, Melissa.”

“Oh,” said the children together. “You’re still a good skater, Daddy!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be honest if you are afraid to do something.
  • Example: Daddy hadn’t skated in years and he was afraid his children would laugh at him.

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