Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 1 – 200 Years Old

Dear Diary,

This is me, Victor. I am the monster that is going to be writing entries in you from this day forward.

Today was a little different from my normal days because today is my 200th birthday. In one sense, I can’t believe I am 200 years old and in another sense, I realized that I am very old. In fact, I am probably the oldest person on Earth.

I took a good look in the mirror and I thought I really didn’t look all that bad. I have seen elderly people before and many of them had wrinkly skin and were very thin and short. I think the reason I don’t look like I am 200 years old is because of a spell that was put on me about 160 years ago. It was that spell that turned me into a monster.

To me, I don’t really mind that fact that I am a monster. I don’t like to socialize with people. I prefer to stay by myself.

Children are afraid of me and they do tend to run away when they see me. However, if they ever stopped to find out more about me, they would find that I am a very compassionate and caring man.

Animals do like me. I have had several cats and dogs in my time but the one that I love and adore the most is my Corgi, Peggy. Peggy is my best friend and in fact, she is my only friend.

I have had Peggy since she was a pup that someone dropped off at my front door. That was almost 20 years ago.

Peggy and I are inseparable. She is by my side day and night. She knows when I am not feeling well and she always finds a way to comfort me and to keep me safe.

I have always been a very private person and that is why I have decided to keep a diary. There aren’t too many monsters left in this world so, I wanted to have something that I can leave for future monsters to help them adjust to their new lifestyle.

It is getting late and Peggy is yawning. It is time to sign off for the evening.



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