Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 2 – The Spell

Dear Diary,

It is me, Victor, again. It is one day after I turned 200 years old and I am still alive. I guess I may be alive for many, many years to come and that is all because of a spell that was put on me by a woman I met one day in a park, Helga. That was 160 years ago.

See, I was a good-looking 40 year old man and I met Helga while walking home from work. I walked through the city park and saw a woman sitting on a park bench. She looked lonely so I stopped to talk to her. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, Helga was a very beautiful woman but it was her beauty that got me into trouble. I remember walking by the park bench and I remember saying an innocent hello to her.

I was not expecting what happened next. Out of her mouth came the tongue of a serpent and her eyes turned into two of the darkest black eyes I had ever seen. I remember being scared.

Helga knew I was scared. She picked up on my fear right away. She told me that I should never talk to strangers and that she would have to put a curse on me. I didn’t believe her.

I went home and could think of nothing but Helga. She never left my thoughts at all. The next morning, I woke up and looked in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was a monster, a real live monster.

I remembered what Helga had said the day before and I knew she did put a spell on me. I was angry and upset for a while but to tell the truth, Helga did me a favour. I was tired of the people I was hanging around with. I was actually very happy that I was now a monster.

Since turning into a monster, I am a recluse. I am all by myself and I am enjoying it. I love my new life. I love the fact that people think I am repulsive. Too many people were judging me on my looks and they were afraid of me.

I saw Helga about a month later and I went over to her and thanked her for turning me into a monster. She was speechless to find out that I was enjoying my new life. She couldn’t believe I wasn’t kidding.

Helga told me that I better be sure about my new life because she could reverse the spell if I wanted. I told her I was happy and that I wouldn’t change my new life for anything.

Helga may have cast the spell to turn me into a monster, but I was the one that wanted to stay a monster. I felt good about my new life and for once, I was in control of my life and how I wanted it to turn out.



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