To My One True Love

Billy Troll sat in his studio, with his guitar in his hand, thinking of what he could do for his wife, Dianne. Valentine’s Day was coming up and he wanted this Valentine’s Day to be very special, something that Dianne would never forget.

As he sat there, he started strumming his guitar and the words of true love flowed from him. In a matter of minutes, he had the perfect gift for his wife. He knew Dianne would treasure this gift forever.

Valentine’s Day came around and Billy and Dianne had plans to go to Billy’s parents for dinner. Billy got to the car and went back into the house. He had forgotten his guitar.

“What are you doing bringing your guitar with you?” asked Dianne.

“Oh,” said Billy. “I wanted to get your opinion on a song I wrote a few days ago.”

“Well we could have done that at home,” said Dianne.

“Yes,” said Billy, getting into the car and driving to his parents house. “We could have.”

Billy and Dianne had a wonderful dinner with Billy’s parents and right after dinner they went into the living room to have their cups of coffee. Billy brought his guitar out and started strumming as he sang his love song to his wife.

You are the treasure in my life
You mean everything to me
I am warm and cozy with you
And totally lost without you

I treasure our moments together
I treasure laughing with you
I treasure sharing with you
I treasure being with you

You are a part of my life forever
You make my life complete
I could never be happy without you
You are the one for me

Dianne had tears streaming down her face. She absolutely loved the song that Billy had sung to her.

“Billy,” cried Billy’s Mother, who had tears in her eyes as well. “What a beautiful song? Where did you find it?”

“I wrote that song especially for Dianne,” said Billy. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!”

Dianne’s heart felt like it had melted onto the floor.

“Billy,” she cried. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.”

Billy’s Father walked into the room.

“What is with all the tears?” he asked, seeing both women with tears streaming down their faces. “All I heard was a very beautiful love song being sung.”

“That is what the tears are all about,” cried Billy’s Mother.

“Well,” said Billy’s Father, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. “It is no wonder. That was a beautiful song, my son.”

“It definitely was,” cried Dianne, getting up and giving Billy a big hug.

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