Ugly Sally’s Valentine’s Date

“Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?” Ugly Sally’s best friend, Julia, asked her.

Ugly Sally was caught off guard with Julia’s question. In fact, she was so caught off guard that she almost choked on a fry that she was eating.

“Are you serious?” asked Ugly Sally. “Why would I have a Valentine’s Day date?”

“Well,” said Julia. “I heard that George wants to take you out on a date.”

Ugly Sally got all dreamy-eyed. She liked George a lot. He was very good-looking and also very smart.

“What if George doesn’t think I am smart enough,” said Ugly Sally, starting to feel nervous.

“Nonsense,” said Julia. “You happen to be the smartest girl in our class.”

Ugly Sally and Julia continued eating and talking but then, all of a sudden, Ugly Sally’s face turned a pale white colour and she became eerily quiet.

“Are you okay?” asked Julia.

Ugly Sally pointed to a young handsome boy that was walking straight towards them.

“Hi George,” said Ugly Sally, when the young boy stopped at their table.

“Ugly Sally,” said George, nervously. “I was wondering if you would be my date on Valentine’s Day?”

“I would love to,” Ugly Sally heard herself say even though her heart was racing a mile a minute.

“I can’t believe he asked me out!” exclaimed Ugly Sally, once George had left.

“I told you,” said Julia, picking up her tray that was on the table.

“Yes,” said Ugly Sally. “You did, didn’t you.”

Ugly Sally went home. She went through all her clothes that were in her closet. She picked out a blue plaid skirt and a bright red silk blouse. She carefully hung them back up in her closet.

“There,” said Ugly Sally, closing her closet door. “At least I have my outfit picked out.”

Valentine’s Day came and Ugly Sally was so nervous. She was going to hyper-ventilate.

“You best stop being so nervous,” said Mother, helping Ugly Sally fix her hair.

“Oh there he is,” said Ugly Sally, hearing the doorbell ring.

“Your dad is downstairs,” said Mother. “He will let him in.”

Ugly Sally let Mother finish her hair and then she went downstairs.

“You look beautiful,” said George, holding a dozen roses and then handing them to her.

“Thank you,” said Ugly Sally, blushing.

“I will put them in a vase for you,” said Mother, taking the roses from Ugly Sally.

George took Ugly Sally to a movie. They had a wonderful time and when he brought her home, he gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Ugly Sally was in love.


Moral of this Story:

  • There is no need to be nervous when going on a date.
  • Example: Ugly Sally was nervous because she thought George might not think she was very smart.


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