Dancing in the Rain

The Pea Pods were enjoying their life with Farmer Ted and his wife Sue very much. Sue took care of their every need during the day and in the evening Farmer Ted told them so many stories about life on the farm. The Pea Pods were very happy and content. They felt so loved and so wanted.

The Pea Pods awoke early one morning to the sound of rain on the rooftop. They dressed as quickly as they could and the ran outside. Once outside they danced in the rain. Oh, they enjoyed the rain so much. They danced and danced and danced and they forgot all about the time.

Sue was in the farmhouse looking all over for the Pea Pods. They weren’t in their little beds that her and Ted had made for them. They weren’t in the kitchen and they weren’t in the living room.

“Why they must not have liked me,” Sue sobbed to herself, frantically searching everywhere for the Pea Pods. “I must have nagged them way too much about keeping things tidy and having the children study.”

“Oh Ted,” cried Sue when Farmer Ted came home for dinner. “I don’t know where they are! I’ve been searching the whole house for them.”

Farmer Ted reached into his pocket and pulled out four sopping wet but very happy Pea Pods.

“I was so worried,” said Sue. “I thought you had left us.”

“We are sorry,” said Father Pea. “We just saw that it was raining out and we wanted to play in the rain.”

“Yes,” said Mother Pea. “We were having so much fun that we had forgotten all about what time it was. We didn’t mean for you to worry.”

Sue noticed something about the Pea Pods since they had come from playing in the rain. They looked greener and healthier.

“I’m the one that is sorry,” said Sue. “Here I’ve been coddling you and not thinking about your needs at all. You obviously needed that rain. Look at you, you look so healthy now.”

“Well we are pea pods,” said Sister Pea, laughing.

“That you are!” exclaimed Sue, laughing too.

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