Wintertime Fun

“You know,” said Fawn. “There is not really a lot you can do in the wintertime.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Spot. “There is a lot you can do, like skating or snowmobiling.”

“I guess,” said Fawn. “But the problem with that is that the weather is so cold. I’m talking about doing something that you can stay warm. I’m getting tired of being cold all the time.”

“Well,” said Spot. “There are lots of indoor activities that you could do.”

“If you think I am going to cook and clean,” said Fawn. “Then you have another thing coming to you.”

“You don’t have to cook or clean,” said Spot. “We could make some things.”

“You mean like arts and crafts,” said Fawn. “That sounds interesting but what could we make. I’m not very good with my hands.”

“We could make all kinds of crafts,” said Spot. “And if they were good enough, we could sell them at the craft fair.”

Fawn’s eyes lit right up once he heard that there could be money involved.

“There are lots of things we could make,” said Spot. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. You are good at working with wood and I am good at painting so why don’t we make some bird houses. Mr. Hansen has all that scrap lumber lying around. We could use that.”

“That is a great idea,” said Fawn. “Okay, let’s do it.”

“We have about a month before the next craft sale,” said Spot. “That gives us lots of time.”

Fawn and Spot went to work immediately and created several beautiful birdhouses. They were very pleased with their results.

“Look at them all,” said Fawn on the night before their craft sale. “We have ten birdhouses.”

“They are beautiful,” said Spot.

The day of the craft sale came and Fawn and Spot sold each of the ten birdhouses and they were able to take orders for five more. They were very happy with their work.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have indoor projects to work on during the winter.
  • Example: Fawn wanted something to do so he could stay warm in the winter. Spot suggested they build some birdhouses. This way they could stay warm indoors.

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