Grandma’s Quilt

I remember going to my Grandparents cottage, in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, as a child. Many times we spent the night there. I will always remember the nice clean, big fluffy pillows and the thing I remember the most is the big fluffy quilts that were piled on each bed. It was so comfy that I would fall asleep in minutes.

The quilts that were on those beds were all handmade by my Grandma. I guess that is what made them so special and that is why it was so easy to curl up underneath them and fall asleep.

Growing up, I noticed that aunts, uncles and Grandma’s best friends were each given quilts for wedding presents or birthday gifts. A few more years went by and I started noticing that cousins and even my two younger siblings were getting quilts. I was extremely jealous about this but not once did I ever get a quilt. I would see quilts that my Grandma made at my parents house, my sister’s house, my brother’s house, my aunt’s house, my uncle’s house and my cousin’s house. I really wanted a quilt from my Grandma and yet I never got one.

I kept hearing about how beautiful Grandma’s quilts were and I wanted one so badly. I decided that since I wasn’t getting a quilt from my Grandma that I would just make my own quilts. I made quite a few different ones and just like my Grandma, I started giving them to my own family. I made a truck quilt for my son. It had pickup trucks on it and wheels that I cut out of felt. I made a little pink quilt for my daughter. It was a special feeling to tuck them into bed at night with their quilts.

I always went to my bed wishing so bad I had a quilt to cuddle up to, not just any quilt but a quilt from my Grandma. Then one day, out of the blue, my Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit and they brought me a quilt that my Grandma had made. Grandma somehow even knew my favourite colours. The quilt was all done in shades of blue and was just beautiful. I cherish that quilt so much.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to cherish a handmade quilt.
  • Example: I loved the quilt Grandma made for me.
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