Once upon a time, there was the cutest little kitten. Her name was Bandit. Bandit had reddish brown spots on her tail, face and back.

One day, Bandit was racing all over the house. She was climbing on furniture, taking Daddy’s socks out of the laundry basket and just generally being a cute little kitten that she was. However, the funny thing about Bandit was that as soon as Mommy walked through the door, was Bandit purred and settled right down.

Mommy couldn’t understand what everyone was talking about when everyone told her what Bandit had been up to while she was at work.

“I don’t understand why you say that Bandit was so bad,” said Mommy, to Daddy one night before going to bed. “Bandit is good as gold when I’m here.”

“It’s not really that she’s being bad,” said Daddy. “It’s just that she’s being a kitten.”

So, on and on it went. Bandit continued to be as good as gold for Mommy but a little terror for Daddy.

One day, Daddy came home from work early and went to find Mommy. Mommy was having a nap and right above Mommy’s head in the headboard was Bandit, all curled up in a ball sound to sleep with Mommy. Daddy closed the door and let them sleep but Mommy heard the door close and got up to see Daddy. Bandit followed right behind Mommy, still being as good as gold. Mommy went to sit down in her chair and Bandit followed her. She climbed up on Mommy’s lap and started to purr.

“I see what you mean about her being as good as gold with you,” laughed Daddy.

The next morning, Mommy had the day off work and slept in. Daddy got up first and made himself a coffee. Bandit heard Daddy in kitchen and came racing out to the kitchen just as fast as she could. She almost banged her head on the cupboard doors, she was going so fast.

Bandit then decided that she was going to try to knock over the garbage pail. She climbed up onto it and found out she couldn’t knock it over so she decided that she would try something else. She ran into the bedroom, where Mommy was just getting up, and grabbed Daddy’s sock out of the laundry basket. She didn’t even see Mommy there. Bandit ran with the sock in her mouth up the hallway just as fast as she could.

“I see what you mean about her being a little terror with you,” laughed Mommy.

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