Time Stands Still

“Fawn,” said Spot. “Come quick. Grampy has been hurt!”

“What!” exclaimed Fawn. “How could Grampy be hurt? I just seen him yesterday.”

Fawn was very distraught at the news that Grampy was hurt. Fawn loved Grampy more than anything in this world and he couldn’t bear the thought of him being hurt.

“He fell down a ladder,” said Spot. “While he was helping Mr. Hansen fix the barn door yesterday.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Fawn. “Is he okay?”

“He’s going to be just fine,” said Spot. “He’s up at the main house right now.”

Fawn bolted out the door as quickly as he could. As soon as Fawn left the barn, Spot noticed that Fawn’s watch had fallen off his wrist. She picked it up and noticed that the time on the watch had quit at 1:35 pm.

“That is strange,” said Spot. “This must have happened yesterday because it is only 12:30 right now.”

Spot held Fawn’s watch in her hand and sat down on the chair in the hallway. Something was puzzling Spot about the watch and something was kind of freaking her out about it. That is when it dawned on her that it was around 1:35 pm when Grampy fell off the ladder the day before.

Spot left the watch sitting on the chair and didn’t touch it until Fawn came home later on from visiting Grampy.

“Is Grampy okay?” asked Spot.

“Yes,” said Fawn. “He’s doing just fine. He’s tough you know. Oh, by the way, have you seen my watch?”

“Ah yes,” hesitated Spot. “It fell off your wrist when you went up to the main house awhile ago. There is something I have to tell you about that watch.”

Spot told Fawn all about how the watch had stopped at 1:35 pm and immediately Fawn jumped to the same conclusion about it. The watch kind of spooked Fawn especially since it was a watch that Grampy had given him for his birthday a few years ago.

Fawn took the watch and put it in a safe place. He was too spooked to look at it for a long time to come. Neither Fawn nor Spot ever mentioned that watch again until a few months later, Spot was in the kitchen cooking dinner and had accidentally burnt her hand on the stove. She looked up at the kitchen clock and saw that it had stopped. She saw the time was 1:35 pm and she started freaking out. Fawn came into the kitchen to see what was going on and he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the time on the clock.

“Hey what is going on with you two?” asked Jenny Hansen, just coming into the kitchen at that moment.

Fawn and Spot told Jenny about the clock on the wall and also about the watch a few months earlier. Jenny had her own little story to tell about a watch that stopped at precisely 1:35 pm.

“It was Nanny’s watch,” said Jenny, with a tear in her eye, rolling up her sleeve to show Fawn and Spot Nanny’s watch. “The day she died, her watch stopped at 1:35 pm and I’ve never changed the time at all.”

Fawn went into his room and got out the watch that Grampy gave him. Jenny saw the watch and a puzzled look came over her face.

“Fawn,” said Jenny. “When did Grampy give you that watch?”

“He gave it to me a few years ago,” said Fawn. “You remember, I was so sad on my birthday the year Nanny died because she wouldn’t be there. That is when he gave it to me.”

“Interesting,” said Jenny. “Because Nanny had given Grampy that watch for Christmas the year before that.”

“Really,” said Fawn. “That is strange.”

Jenny turned toward the kitchen and saw the clock on the wall that Spot had told her about.

“That clock was Nanny’s favourite kitchen clock,” said Jenny. “I remember her always looking at that clock.”

“Yes,” said Spot. “Grampy gave that clock to me after Nanny had died.”

“So why are all our watches and clocks stopping at 1:35 pm,” said Fawn.

“I think it is Nanny’s way of reminding us that she is still looking out for us,” said Jenny.

“That makes sense,” said Fawn. “Nanny always helped out when she was alive so it just makes sense that she’d help out now too.”

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