Fawn Meets Cupid

“Where are you going so early in the morning?” asked Spot, looking at her alarm clock, when she saw Fawn sneak down the hallway.

“I’ll be back in about an hour,” said Fawn.

“Okay,” said Spot, rolling over and going back to sleep.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Spot, when she finally woke up about two hours later. “I wonder if Fawn ever made it back.”

Spot got up and looked in Fawn’s bedroom. She didn’t see him there. She went into the kitchen and she didn’t see him there, either. She was starting to panic a little when she spotted him. He was standing outside in the middle of the field, talking to someone, although Spot could not see who it was he was talking to.

Spot was curious as to what Fawn was up to. She grabbed her housecoat and threw on her winter boots and went down to the field to where Fawn was. Spot thought she recognized who Fawn was talking to but she just couldn’t put her finger on the name.

“Hi Fawn,” said Spot.

“Hi Spot,” said Fawn. “I want you to meet Cupid.”

“Cupid,” said Spot. “You mean the real Cupid! The Cupid from Valentine’s Day.”

“Yes,” said Cupid, holding out his hand to Spot. “I’m the real Cupid.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Spot. “This is really interesting.”

For the life of her, Spot just couldn’t figure out why Fawn was talking to Cupid in the first place. It wasn’t until Fawn asked her to leave him and Cupid alone that she had it figured out.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Spot. “I bet Fawn has fallen in love with one of the cows at our neighbours farm. That must be why he was talking to Cupid. After all, it is Valentine’s Day. Oh no, whatever will I do?”

Spot got herself all in an uproar and when Fawn came back to the barn about an hour later, she couldn’t even look at him straight in the eye. She didn’t want him to see that she had been crying and she didn’t want him to see that she was upset.

“Spot,” said Fawn, noticing that Spot was acting a little strange. “Is there something the matter?”

“No,” said Spot. “There is nothing wrong. I’m just not feeling so good right now. I think I might be coming down with a cold.”

Fawn went over to Spot and placed his paw on her forehead.

“You are kind of warm,” said Fawn. “Here, come and sit down.”

Fawn took Spot by the arm and made her lay down on the couch. He went and got her a blanket and pillow and tucked her in.

“There,” said Fawn. “Is that better?”

“Yes,” mumbled Spot. “It is. Thank you.”

“Here,” said Fawn, handing Spot a little velvet box. “Maybe this will make you feel better. I was going to wait until tonight to give this to you but I think I should give it to you now.”

“Fawn!” exclaimed Spot, when she saw the engagement ring that Fawn had just given her. “It is beautiful and I don’t deserve it. I’m not sick at all. I saw you talking to Cupid and then I got all jealous because I thought you were talking to him about some other cow you had fallen in love with because you asked me to leave you and Cupid alone.”

“No,” said Fawn. “I just wanted to see what Cupid had to say about the ring. That is why I asked you to leave. It is you I love, not any other cow!”

“Oh!” exclaimed Spot, tears flowing down the sides of her cheeks. “Fawn, I love you too!”

“Will you marry me?” asked Fawn, getting down onto his knees.

“Oh yes,” said Spot. “I will marry you.”

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