Bald Eagle

I’m not a greedy person. I live a humble existence. I work hard and pay my rent. I don’t ask for very much, however, there is one thing I would like to have more than anything else in this world. The one thing that I want is a bald eagle. That is right, I want a bald eagle for my own self.

I love bald eagles. They are my favourite bird in this whole wide world. They are strong and majestic, powerful and mystical. Whenever I see a bald eagle, I stop everything I am doing and just stand and watch them. I could watch them for hours at a time and never get tired of seeing them.

I am lucky enough to live in British Columbia, Canada. I see a bald eagle at least once a week and every time I see one a feeling of happiness and utter joy washes over me.

The reason I want a bald eagle all for my own self is just so I can watch him and study him and take pictures of him whenever I want. I’d love to be able to touch a bald eagle. Their feathers look so soft. I’d love to see him catch a salmon in his sharp claws and soar high in the sky. I want one so I can call him my very own.

Now, I know I will never have a bald eagle all to my own self but at least I can dream.

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