My Bald Eagle

Hi everyone! I want to tell you about my bald eagle. Now, he really isn’t my bald eagle, but I can pretend that he is. Every day after work, I have about a half an hour wait for the bus to take me home. Across the highway from where I work is a river and at the bank of the river is two very tall trees. One afternoon, I was totally shocked to see a bald eagle sitting in the furthest tree. I watched him while I waited for the bus and he just sat there. It was quite a sight to see. He is the most beautiful eagle I have ever seen and he looks very healthy.

See, for me, that eagle represents freedom and strength. The eagle also represents my new life here in Kamloops, BC. The very first time that I ever saw a wild eagle was last summer while I was on vacation in Trail, BC. We were enjoying ourselves at the campground when all of a sudden, a bald eagle flew right above our heads. That image of that eagle has not left my mind, nor will it ever. Being a city girl from Ontario, seeing a bald eagle is not an everyday occurrence. It is a once in a lifetime experience, or so I thought.

Seeing that first bald eagle in Trail, BC last summer stuck with me that whole way back to Ontario and that image of that eagle flying over top of me made me realize that I belong in BC and I worked very hard to make that dream a reality because less than one year later, I am now living and working in BC, the place I have wanted to live all of my life.

I have seen several bald eagles since moving to BC and each and everyone is imbedded deep in my mind. I love eagles and that isn’t too hard to tell. Since seeing the bald eagle across the highway from where I work, I am in the habit of watching out for him every single day. For about a month, I didn’t see him and I was quite sad during that month. I remember walking out from work one sunny afternoon, looking into the trees and not seeing the eagle there. I said to myself, “Eagle where are you? I would really like to see you again!” and to my utter shock and amazement he was sitting in that tree about five minutes later. It was like he was there because I asked him to come. It was like he was there because of me. That is why I call him “my eagle”.

I have seen my eagle on several occasions now and have somehow come to know him very well. I know that he sits in that tree for hours on end and I also know that he also prunes himself in that tree. It is almost like he waits for me. It is almost like he is sent from heaven and is in that tree just to please me. One day, I got double the pleasure from my eagle because one afternoon I saw him in the tree with his girlfriend. I have only seen him with his girlfriend that one time but that was pretty cool to see.

Today, I was so pleased to see my eagle sitting in the tree after work. I was walking through the parking lot over to the bus stop and I got the biggest thrill of my life. I’ve never seen him come across the highway but today I watched my eagle glide through the valley on the other side of the road and then he crossed over the highway about fifty feet away from me and glided through the sky. I saw his milky white belly, his bright yellow beak and his dark brown feathers. Oh, how I love my eagle.

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