Not Even a Lump a Coal

I was a bit disappointed on Christmas morning. Underneath my Christmas tree, there were absolutely no presents at all, not even a lump of coal. Now, I knew Santa Claus wasn’t going to get me any presents this year. However, I was definitely expecting to get a lump of coal.

See, I was really bad this year, starting right from New Years Day. I didn’t do anything right at all, including keeping my New Year’s resolution. I made a resolution that I would stop eating junk food but on New Year’s Day, I ended up eating a piece of chocolate cheese-cake. I really couldn’t help it, though. After all, who could resist eating cheesecake?

As the year wore on, I did things that I knew Santa wouldn’t be proud of. I did some horrible, terrible things. The closer I got to Christmas, the worse things became for me and I knew that Santa would not be getting me anything at all. However, ever since I was a kid, I had heard people talk about people not getting anything for Christmas, but a lump of coal.

Christmas Eve, I spent the night out with friends and we ended up at the train tracks. At the train tracks I saw about 20 train cars filled to the brim with black tarry coal.

“There is my Christmas present!” I exclaimed to my friends.

“What?” they said. “The train cars.”

“No,” I said. “The coal inside the train cars.”

I was absolutely convinced that those train cars contained my Christmas present and I was so happy. All I wanted was something under my Christmas tree, anything at all, even a lump of coal.

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