Rainbow Valley

”Let’s go for a drive today,” said Troll Daddy, sitting at the breakfast table. “It’s a nice, warm spring day and a perfect day for a drive.”

“Where will we go?” asked Troll Sister, excitedly.

“Let’s get the map out,” said Troll Daddy.

Troll Brother got up from the table and got the map out of the kitchen drawer for his father. Troll Mother cleared off the table to make more room for the map.

”Thank you,” said Troll Daddy, unfolding the large map. ”Now, let me see.”

”This place looks interesting,” said Troll Mother, pointing to a very small village, not too far away.

”Rainbow Valley,” said Troll Daddy. ”Now that sounds like a good place for us to go.”

Troll Sister helped Troll Mother clean up the kitchen while Troll Daddy, Troll Brother and Troll Baby went outside and cleaned up the car.

“Okay, we are ready,” said Troll Mother, walking outside with Troll Sister.

“Let’s go,” said Troll Daddy.

In about an hour’s time, the Troll family found Rainbow Valley.

“What a beautiful little village!” exclaimed Troll Mother, looking out the car window in awe.

Rainbow Valley consisted of four streets, each with rows of brightly coloured houses. One street had red houses, another yellow, another blue and the other was green.

”Red, yellow, blue and green,” said Troll Sister. “That’s the colours of a rainbow.”

“That’s right,” said Troll Daddy.

“Oh look!” exclaimed Troll Brother, pointing out his window. “It looks like we have just come across a pot of gold.”

“Yes it does,” said Troll Mother. “All the streets, houses and shops are made of pure gold.”

”Wow!” exclaimed Troll Sister, gasping at all the shops they were driving by. “This is so neat!”

”I’m hungry,” said Troll Baby.

“Let’s stop and have lunch in the village,” said Troll Daddy.

“Great idea!” agreed everyone else.

Troll Daddy parked the car in a parking lot that was paved with gold.

“How much do we owe you?” asked Troll Daddy to the parking lot attendant.

“Nothing,” said the man. “It is free.”

“Free!” exclaimed Troll Daddy. “Are you sure?”

“Oh yes,” said the man. Everything in Rainbow Valley is free!”

The Troll Family spent a wonderful day in Rainbow Valley, shopping and eating whatever they wanted.

“I’m tired,” said Troll Baby with a bag full of new toys.

“Me too!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “We should be getting home soon.”

The Troll Family drove home in silence as they were all very tired.

The next morning, Troll Daddy was looking at the map again.

“That was fun yesterday,” said Troll Mother.

“Yes it was,” said Troll Daddy. ”The funny thing is, I can’t seem to find Rainbow Valley on the map.

Troll Mother bent over the map and looked hard and long at it.

“It’s not here,” said Troll Mother. “Very strange!”

“I guess you only get to go there once,” said Troll Daddy.

“Once in a lifetime,” said Troll Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • Enjoy your time while you can.
  • Example: The Troll Family went to Rainbow Valley and enjoyed themselves immensely but then they couldn’t find it on the map after that.
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