Pancakes at Sea

“It is Canada Day,” said Frank the Fisherman while in the galley of his boat. “I need a good hearty, Canadian breakfast.”

Frank the Fisherman knew he wanted pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast.

“I can’t get any more Canadian than this,” said Frank the Fisherman, sitting down at the table with a huge plate of pancakes and maple syrup.

“Way more maple syrup,” said a strange voice. “Please don’t be a buttercup!”

All of a sudden, Frank watched as the top pancake on his plate stood up and started to dance.

“Happy Canada Day!” shouted the pancake. “I am Pancake Man. I’d like to know what your job entails, if I can.”

“Well,” said Frank. “My job is the owner/operator of this fishing boat. I am up at dawn and asleep at dusk. I put in a lot of hours but I must admit, I have been fairly successful. I own my boat outright and I have a job that I absolutely adore.”

“You are living the great Canadian dream,” said Pancake Man. “Or, so it would seem.”

“Absolutely,” said Frank, pouring a ton of maple syrup on Pancake Man.

“More of that maple syrup please,” said Pancake Man. “Come now, don’t be a tease.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always have lots of maple syrup on your pancakes.
  • Example: Pancake Man wanted Frank the Fisherman to put lots of maple syrup on him.

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